April 23, 2020 Sesame Software

Relational Junction: The Data Warehouse and Integration Platform for Financial Services

When it comes to financial services, it’s important to get accurate data, in real-time, for critical decision making and long-term strategic planning. This can require sophisticated connections between on-premise and cloud applications that hold historical performance data. The ability to break down data silos and connect multiple apps and data sources quickly is crucial for financial service organizations.

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction Data Warehouse and Integration Platform for Financial Services provides an instant data warehouse, enabling scalable data integration and compliance that improves reliability and performance of reporting and analytics. Sesame Software works with top global commercial and savings banks to provide them with the data they need to make sound business and financial decisions in a rapidly changing market.


Classic data warehouse and integration tools can be complex and time consuming. A standard market tool requires months of preparation, design, data mapping, and testing to complete a warehouse build at a substantial cost. Relational Junction can deliver a fully automated data warehouse in minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Customers save thousands of dollars on implementation fees and gain access to their data at speeds unmatched by other solutions. 

“Having the ability to traverse business processes all the way from prospecting to billing gives companies the lead to cash reporting that is so valuable in assessing business performance. This has tremendous value in planning a company’s future, whether the data points to areas needing more investment or operations that are not generating ROI” says Rick Banister, CEO of Sesame Software.


  • Data connectors for any data source – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Gain real-time access to your most important data, all in one place, to ensure data consistency and ease of reporting
  • Quickly access and analyze critical information across organizational silos for timely business insights
  • Increase accuracy, reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Easily backup and recover data, including metadata – recover any fields, records, or deleted records, with point-in-time recovery
  • Save time and money with streamlined integrations

Relational Junction builds a data warehouse on any database platform out of nearly any data source, including hundreds of cloud applications and databases. This means that Sesame Software is a one stop shop for data warehouse technology that provides a platform for 360-degree corporate data analytics. 

Want to learn more about Relational Junction’s data warehouse and integration platform for financial services? Request a demo here.


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