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Check out our success stories to see how we have helped out customers with their data needs!
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Zero Data Loss for Norton LifeLock

NortonLifeLock, a data-driven company, depends on near real-time data synchronization between its CRM provider and on-prem Oracle database.

Enhanced Workflow and Instant Data Correlation

Esquire required a robust solution for nationwide reporting, utilizing replication, reporting, and ETL tools for optimal database performance.

Cal/Amp’s Effortless Integration

A IoT software provider needed a solution to integrate and migrate CRM and ERP data to their SQL Server for enhanced reporting and analytics.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Reduction

AAPT IT required consistent, inegrated views working in Salesforce, as well as swift and compresenhisve customer data integration.

Elevated Business Intelligence for Insights

Continental Batteries shifted NetSuite data to Oracle ADW for use with OAC. After testing, they sought a low-maintenance, powerful solution.

Empowering Testing and Deployment in Salesforce

Swift replication of 10 GB of data to Cisco’s Oracle database, enabling quick creation of multiple up-to-date sandboxes for testing and deployment.

“It’s always a scary thought when someone clicks one of those ‘Insert’, ‘Update’, or ‘Delete’ buttons in the Apex Data Loader…My heart generally skips a beat or two at the thought of breaking our data so it’s good to know Sesame Software for Salesforce is our failsafe.”

Nathan Franklin

Developer, Destiny Rescue

“It’s been a huge benefit for the college and it’s ended up saving us money. In the Return on Investment (ROI) world in which we operate, Sesame Software pays for itself.”

Alan Roberts

Director of Enterprise Services, Grove City College

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