Salesforce Data Backup
& Recovery

Comprehensive Salesforce data backup and recovery that minimizes data loss and builds business resiliency.

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Data Protection to Eliminate Data Loss

High Frequency Automated Backups Included

Automate multiple backups per day – or per hour – at an all inclusive price.

Continuous Data Availability

Replicate and synchronize your data to the backup system of your choice.

Patented History Tracking

All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items.

Incremental Backups

Backup data that has been created or edited. Use fewer resources, save time and space.

Zero Downtime

Easily maintain database replicas in remote locations so that you can switch workloads.

Secure Data Storage

Store data in a secure relational database, not flat files.

All-Inclusive Backup

Protect your data, custom objects, attachments, files, documents, etc.- with automated backups!

Complete Data Restore

Restore Salesforce data quickly at any level of granularity or size – whether it’s one record, a complex hierarchy of data, or your whole org.

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Rapid Point-In-Time Recovery

Easy recovery, without the limitations of CSV. Recover any field, in any record, to any point in time, with all relationships intact.

Don't Miss A Change

A full audit trail that includes change history and all deleted records. Keeps all versions of all records in the database, including deleted records.

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Connect Salesforce to SaaS, ERP, and CRM

Quick Implementation

Speed up time to insights with Relational Junction for Salesforce. Protect your Salesforce Data in minutes!

Relational Junction for Salesforce

Salesforce Specs

Supported Applications

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Financial Cloud

Salesforce App Exchange Managed Packages

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)


Deployment Model

Customer-owned and managed environment

Deploy on-premise or bring your own cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google, Azure, OCI, etc.)

Supported Object Types

Standard objects & relationships

Custom objects & relationships

Files & attachments

Content documents and versions

Chatter feeds

Knowledge articles

Person accounts

History objects (download only)


Object type

Hierarchy / Relationships

SOQL Query


History tracking

Reporting and analytics database population for BI tools

SALESFORCE Backup & Recovery

Protect Your Data

Third-party backup is recommended by Salesforce as they state their recovery methods are to be used as a “last resort”. Learn more below.

Relying on Salesforce to Recover Your Data?

Salesforce’s Data Recovery Service costs a minimum of $10,000 USD per recovery

  • The recovered files do not include metadata, it only holds customer data
  • The recovery process is manual and can take up to six to eight weeks to complete after you raise the support request
  • Data deleted more than three months ago is not recoverable unless a third-party backup solution is used
  • The recovered data is sent to you in CSV files, which requires you to manually re-upload (after resolving import errors) into Salesforce
  • There’s no guarantee that 100% of your data will be recovered

Salesforce recommends third-party solutions for complete data protection. For Salesforce customers, dedicated solutions pick up where native tools leave off – offering robust backup, long-term retention, and granular restoration capabilities to safeguard Cloud data from deletion, corruption, and attack.

Learn more about Backup, Recover, and Restore for Salesforce.

Why Use Relational Junction?

Turnkey Data Protection Solution for Salesforce to Recover From Any Data Loss

Recovery solutions typically provide you with text files of your data, making the actual recovery process your problem to solve. This method is time-consuming and does not ensure business continuity or the ability to perform a full recovery of all data.

With Relational Junction, your data is backed up throughout the day and is always available for fast point-in-time, granular restoration whenever needed. We will perform an incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record at the time of synchronization.

Backup Retention

  • Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records
  • Does not need to have multiple snapshot versions to restore to any point in historical time
  • Data stored in a secure relational database, not flat files
  • All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items
  • Incremental backup, not a snapshot-oriented full backup

Recovery Method

  • Recover any level of data at the org, record, and field levels
  • Handle parent-child and recursive relationships
  • Single or multi-record recovery

Ready To Get Started?

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Bank of America

"RJ makes Salesforce seem like a locally installed application, and I couldn’t live without it!"

– Enernoc

"Having RJ is a must if you have Salesforce. RJ has helped us to have a live copy of all our Salesforce data onsite so we could have a backup in case someone deleted data accidentally."

– Overby-Seawell

"We use RJ to mirror Salesforce and sync data to our SQL server every 30 min. It works great for us. Sesame Software helped us to set up the product, so we didn’t have to do much to get it going."

– Goodwill

"RJ is a key factor in our success as a Salesforce customer. I do not recommend too many products, but I have no problem recommending this one."

– Drexel University

"If you are looking for a tool to integrate with, Relational Junction is an excellent option."

– Adesa

"Relational Junction for Salesforce product eliminated the need, saving us countless hours of work and ongoing maintenance for an inhouse database."

– Lava

"You can tell the application was written by someone that has a lot of experience with Salesforce because it works around’s nuances."

Arrow Pointe Federal Credit Union

"We exchange Company / Asset data between salesforce and our MIS system every day in high number. The system runs very well and in addition we have a very good support from Sesame Software."

Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management

"Relational Junction has improved our productivity, enabling a seamless integration between our existing applications and Salesforce data."

– Universidad de Navarra

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