Cloud Data Migration with Relational Junction

Powered by automation and security with seamless migration of your applications data and workloads to a cloud-based environment.

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Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud


Fast & Efficient

Relational Junction provides cloud data migration that’s secure, streamlined, and fast.

Multi-Threaded Speed

Patented multi-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement.


Agile Methodologies

Flexible migration that scales as your data grows plus automated data syncs so you don’t miss a beat!

Scalable and Secure Cloud Data Migration

Workload Flexibility

Flexible data migration of cloud apps and databases – especially at scale.

Versatile Cloud Support

Supports a multitude of cloud storage options across public and private clouds. 

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Move Data Workloads to the Destination of Your Choice

Relational Junction’s multithreaded technology speeds up your time to insights by quickly migrating and replicating data into the cloud data warehouse of your choice.

Easy implementation to ensure your data team saves time and resources to focus on insights - just click and load!

Advanced auto-discovery for adds and changes keeps data fresh - fields and objects are automatically added

Featured Data Connectors

Gain instant access to high-volume data connectors for cloud and on-premises systems, enterprise and middleware applications, data stores, and BI tools.

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Security in the Cloud

Relational Junction offers high levels of security and adaptability – translating into significant savings over time.

Securely moves workloads to the cloud or clouds of your choice

Move legacy backup and archive data sets while retaining retention requirements

Zero cloud experience needed - no need to hire new engineers

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From Our Clients

Our customers span across all industries. We support the widest range possible of source formats and data destinations with low latency, scalability, and accuracy.

“Relational Junction was the perfect solution for our needs, making all the data available for our custom applications. RJ is a great way to fill the gaps in Cloud Computing.”

– Union Rescue Mission

“The Sesame team was able to help us install and configure this application in less than an hour.”

– CalAmp

Bank of America

Cloud Data Migration Resources

Cloud Data Migration can be difficult on your own. If you are considering moving your workloads, check out the resources below!

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