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Pardot Data Management

Gain a complete view of the customer journey for prospects, leads, opportunities, and orders!

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Data Integration for Pardot

Easily sync Pardot with your CRM, ERP, or any other application, so customer records are always up-to-date. 

Personalized Reporting

Connect to the business intelligence tool of your choice to create customized reports for deep insights.

Measure Marketing Efforts

Measure Return-On-Investment (ROI) for Marketing efforts with a complete view of the entire lead and customer lifecycle.

360-Degree View

Easily connect and unify all of your Pardot data to the data warehouse of your choice within minutes.

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Charts showing Pardot data broken down into sections for ease of use.

Sync Marketing & Sales

When marketing and sales work in different applications, its hard to take a coordinated approach. 

Integrate Pardot with sales apps to seamlessly transition leads into customers.

Bring more visibility across applications so each team knows exactly where each client is in the sales process.

All-In-One Solution

Sesame Software makes your data easy to consume and put to use. With integration between Pardot and virtually any other application or database system, you can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Scalable Data Replication

Easily replicate data from Pardot for data archival and warehousing requirements.

Simplifiy Data Connectivity

With prebuilt connectors to popular data sources, you can bring data from multiple sources into your cloud data warehouse for data analysis in a matter of clicks.


Accelerated Data Analytics

Easily retrieve changed data from Pardot so it is available for your choice BI and analytics platform.

Automate Business Processes

Gain marketing insights for the entire customer lifecycle by easily combining Pardot data with your other applications to help drive automation.


Pardot Integration Made Easy

Sesame Software offers high-volume data connectors to easily integrate Pardot with applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, and many more.

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Pardot Integration Made Easy!

Consolidate data silos and centralize your Pardot data into the data warehouse of your choice.

Spend more time on insights and less time on managing your data pipeline.

Scale your ecosystem and connect to multiple data sources and destinations.

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