Relational Junction for Salesforce

Connect, store, protect and analyze your Salesforce data with a single platform.

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Relational Junction for Salesforce

Relational Junction is a comprehensive Salesforce solution that eliminates data silos,  minimizes data loss, supports regulatory compliance, and builds business resiliency.

All-In-One Solution for Salesforce

Relational Junction combines data warehousing, integration, replication, and compliance to cover all of your Salesforce data needs.

Data Warehouse

Fully automated bi-directional data warehouse that is a perfect mirror of your Salesforce Application

Data Replication

Rapid replication of your data, no matter the size or volume

Data Backup/Restore

Continuous daily backups and complete restoration of your data, including metadata, at any scale and level of granularity

Data Archive

Automatic data extraction for any Salesforce managed packages or applications – one-time or trickle feed

Data Integration

Data integration and synchronization to manage data growth – capturing data that is constantly changing

Data Recovery

On-demand recovery of all of your Salesforce data, including metadata, attachments, related records, etc.

Eliminate Data Silos

Connect Salesforce Anywhere, Anytime

Connect and unify all of your Salesforce data to the destination of your choice for a complete view of your critical business data across your entire organization

Keep Your Salesforce Data Fresh

Keep data fresh and simplify reporting by creating and continuously synchronizing a local data warehouse that perfectly mirrors your Salesforce application

Real-Time Data, On Demand

Replicate all new and modified data to the schema as often as five minutes, or use Real-Time option for selected objects

Connect Salesforce to SaaS, ERP, and CRM
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Salesforce Data Warehouse

Instant Data Warehouse

Relational Junction’s Bi-Directional Data Warehouse for Salesforce allows you to bring all of your data to one place for advanced reporting and analytics.

Fully automated data warehouse - no build projects, data modeling, maintenance, or mapping

Efficiently replicate data into the data warehouse of your choice – within minutes, not months

Bi-directional data synchronization supports data imports and data recovery

SALESFORCE Data Integration

Scalable Data Integration

Easily access, discover, replicate and integrate Salesforce data with adjacent enterprise systems — such as databases, ERP and CRM systems, and custom applications

Hyper-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement - complete integration, replication, ETL / ELT, and migration capabilities

Replicate all new and modified data to the schema as often as five minutes, or use Real-Time Option (RTO) for selected objects.

Integration for Salesforce
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SALESFORCE Data Protection

Backup, Recover, Restore

Defend yourself from almost any data loss scenario! With Relational Junction, you are provided with rapid recovery of data, regardless of scale and granularity.

Easily backup and recover all of your data, including Salesforce Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Attachments, Accounts, custom objects, metadata, etc. – subject to Salesforce rules

Fast point-in-time recovery at any level of data at the org, record, and field levels - no matter when it was lost, changed, or corrupted

Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records - all versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items

SALESFORCE Backup & Recovery

Protect Your Data

Third-party backup is recommended by Salesforce as they state their recovery methods are to be used as a “last resort”. Learn more below.

Relying on Salesforce to Recover Your Data?

Salesforce’s Data Recovery Service costs a minimum of $10,000 USD per recovery

  • The recovered files do not include metadata, it only holds customer data
  • The recovery process is manual and can take up to six to eight weeks to complete after you raise the support request
  • Data deleted more than three months ago is not recoverable unless a third-party backup solution is used
  • The recovered data is sent to you in CSV files, which requires you to manually re-upload (after resolving import errors) into Salesforce
  • There’s no guarantee that 100% of your data will be recovered

Learn more about Backup, Recover, and Restore for Salesforce.

Why Use Relational Junction?

Turnkey Data Protection Solution for Salesforce to Recover From Any Data Loss

Recovery solutions typically provide you with text files of your data, making the actual recovery process your problem to solve. This method is time-consuming and does not ensure business continuity or the ability to perform a full recovery of all data.

With Relational Junction, your data is backed up throughout the day and is always available for fast point-in-time, granular restoration whenever needed. We will perform an incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record at the time of synchronization.

Backup Retention

  • Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records
  • Does not need to have multiple snapshot versions to restore to any point in historical time
  • Data stored in a secure relational database, not flat files
  • All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items
  • Incremental backup, not a snapshot-oriented full backup

Recovery Method

  • Complete Salesforce data recovery including metadata, attachments, related records, etc. – subject to Salesforce rules
  • Recover any level of data at the org, record, and field levels
  • Recover deleted records and fields to any point in time, no matter when it was lost, changed, or corrupted
  • Handles parent-child and recursive relationships
  • Single or multi-record recovery

High-Performance, No Maintenance

High-Volume, Low Latency

Rapidly connect your data, no matter the size or volume.

Continous Data Availability

Replicate and synchronize operations to a backup system for continuous availability.

Fully Automated

Advanced integrations that run at scale, with no data mapping, coding, or maintenance required.

Change Data Capture

Log-based change data capture with transactional integrity to support big data integration and consolidation, warehousing and analytics initiatives at scale.

Zero Downtime

Maintain database replicas in remote locations so you can switch workloads to replicas quickly. Supports zero-downtime data migrations and upgrades.

Increase Agility

Deliver critical dynamic data in near real-time, so you can make proactive business decisions based on current events.

Stay Connected!

Connect Salesforce to cloud and on-premises systems, including enterprise and middleware applications, data stores (e.g., databases, warehouses, big data stores), and analytics/BI tools.

Connecting Salesforce to many data sources using Relational Junction


Complete Solution for Salesforce

Best of Breed

Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Installation and creation of your warehouse take only minutes and accepts all data types, custom objects, and custom fields.

Bi-Directional Functionality
Our solution offers bi-directional replication of all Salesforce data to a local database, with full automation of all Salesforce data model changes. Relational Junction uses structured single-pass loading of data to Salesforce with parent-child relationships and timestamp-based incremental replication for the lowest footprint. Replication can be both to and from your local database as often as every five minutes and only copies the changes.


Relational Junction uses extensive failover – restart logic, and doesn’t require reloading the entire table on failures. The replication process is automatically restartable at the point of failure and captures and logs rejected records. It reports extensive load statistics, allowing for immediate termination at the point of failure or bypass error with error logging.

Patented Scalability
Relational Junction is a unique solution that does not have the scalability limitations of other replication products. Our patented technology segments data by time range to allow you to load unlimited amounts of data, both from and to Salesforce. Multi-threaded read-write processes give throughput of 3,000 to 6,000 records per second on large volumes of data. In use at Fortune 500 companies since 2004, Relational Junction is the most scalable and reliable solution available.

Key Features:

  • Replication speeds exceeding 100,000 records per minute
  • Significantly faster than the Bulk API
  • Capable of handling up to 2,000 records per API call
  • Multi-threaded technology for fastest possible backup and recovery
  • Rapid recovery of data, regardless of scale and granularity
  • Backups restart automatically in the event of a failure
  • Can handle over 150 million records in a single object

Common Use Cases

Relational Junction meets regulations for FINRA financial institutions, SEC Rule 17a for securities broker-dealers, and HIPAA / FDA regulations for healthcare organizations.

  • Full incremental backup of all sensitive data, all versions of all sensitive data are kept and has the ability to recover deleted records, including parent-child relationships.
  • All records can be kept in the database allowing recovery to any point in time, and all database records are archived instead of being physically deleted.
  • The bi-directional ability allows reloading of archived data to Salesforce with parent-child relationships intact. Option to change history for all fields in all Salesforce objects.

Integrate to Other Databases
Relational Junction allows you to integrate other back-office databases. Examples of this include maintaining customer and product data, integrating case management with bug tracking, as well as providing a customer portal.

Legacy Data Migration
Migrate legacy data to your Salesforce org– Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, Documents, and Attachments – not limited to standard Salesforce uploads.

Application Enablement
Integrate customer & product data, as well as customer-facing or internal issue tracking. Real-time option enables immediate replication of all changes between and the database.

Business Intelligence
Improves reliability and performance of reporting. Sophisticated analysis of customer data can be done with reporting tools that go beyond native reporting, including complex statistical and trending analysis, giving you the freedom to use any reporting or BI Products.

Ready To Get Started?

"Having RJ is a must if you have Salesforce. RJ has helped us to have a live copy of all our Salesforce data onsite so we could have a backup in case someone deleted data accidentally."

– Overby-Seawell

"We use RJ to mirror Salesforce and sync data to our SQL server every 30 min. It works great for us. Sesame Software helped us to set up the product, so we didn’t have to do much to get it going."

– Goodwill

"RJ is a key factor in our success as a Salesforce customer. I do not recommend too many products, but I have no problem recommending this one."

– Drexel University

"If you are looking for a tool to integrate with, Relational Junction is an excellent option."

– Adesa

"Relational Junction for Salesforce product eliminated the need, saving us countless hours of work and ongoing maintenance for an inhouse database."

– Lava
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Rapidly connect and protect your Salesforce data, no matter the size or volume

Advanced integrations that run at scale, with no data mapping, coding, or maintenance required

Hyper-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement

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