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Speed up your time to insights with replication, integration, and compliant backups for your Salesforce Cloud data.
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Data Backup

Replication of your schema and data using patented time segmentation with auto adjusting intervals, automatic restart on connection issues, and stores in a relational database, not flat files. Available for Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot.

High Frequency Automated Backups

Automate multiple backups per day – or per hour – at an all inclusive price.

Incremental Backups

Backup data that has been created or edited. Use fewer resources, save time and space.

Continuous Data Availability

Replicate and synchronize your data to the backup system of your choice.

Continuous Operations

Easily maintain database replicas in remote locations so that you can switch workloads.

Effortless Audit Trail

Full record snapshots on updates are backed up historically, even deleted items.

Data Recovery

Quickly restore individual records with or without parent-child relationships. Save on data storage and meet data compliance regulations with a data copy in your own relational database. Available for Salesforce.

Seamless Restoration

Efficiently restore Salesforce data, regardless of scale or complexity, from individual records to entire organizational datasets. Retrieve comprehensive datasets, encompassing contacts, leads, opportunities, attachments, accounts, custom objects, and more.

Customizable Scheduling

Schedule snapshots at your convenice to ensure full data capture, including deleted items.

Any Field, Any Record, Any Time

Quickly recover specific data points in time with full relational integrity, surpassing .CSV file limitations. Easily restore any field in any record, while retaining relationships. Enjoy on-demand recovery of content documents, attachments and files, custom objects, and related records.

Data Integration

Streamline your integration processes with our comprehensive solution, enabling no code bidirectional sync, seamless schema alignment, flexible data extraction, and simplified job execution for enhanced efficiency. Available for Salesforce and Pardot.

Bidirectional Sync

Ensure seamless data flow between your database and Salesforce, empowering effortless updates and synchronization without writing any code.

Schema Alignment

Keep your database schema in perfect harmony with Salesforce, simplifying system alignment and maintenance.

Effortless Data Extraction

Easily extract data from downstream databases to enhance accessibility and usability.

Flexible Data Integration

Integrate data from diverse systems without the need for strict field type or table name matching, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Job Scheduling

Execute "get jobs" effortlessly, enabling data retrieval, formatting, and transmission within a unified application, streamlining error detection and resolution.

Data Archive

Our solution offers comprehensive features designed to streamline data retention, facilitate GDPR compliance, and manage Salesforce data effectively. This differs from replication as it involves moving a static set of data that remains unchanged for multiple purposes. Available for Salesforce.

Retention Rules and Automatic Purging

Set retention rules and automatically purge snapshots based on date, with additional filtering options available. Includes GDPR compliance for clean/deletes based on individual records.

Salesforce Data Archival

Facilitates moving data out of Salesforce to manage storage and costs effectively. Retains backups in easily restorable locations for future use, optimizing storage space and cost efficiency.


Streamline metadata export, comparison, and restoration. Available for Salesforce.

Version Comparison

Compare backup versions to track changes and ensure data integrity, providing insights into metadata modifications over time.

Selective Restoration

Restore select metadata components with our solution. Metadata restore is supported on the below objects.

Sandbox Seeding

Streamline sandbox setup and enhance data security with Sesame Software.

Coming Soon!

Comprehensive Data Copying

Send a copy of production data to new sandboxes along with relationships for the relevant data, enabling comprehensive testing environments.

Selective Data Transfer

Choose specific data to send to sandboxes for smaller test environments with limited data, enhancing efficiency and focus.

Object and Relationship Specification

Specify objects and children from a production copy to seed into a Sandbox environment, while anonymizing sensitive data to ensure security and compliance.

Streamlined Development Process

Speed up development time by automating the data loading process, eliminating the need for manual CSV file loading. Avoid replacing IDs on child records for seamless data continuity.

PII Data Scrambling

Safeguard sensitive information by allowing the scrambling of personally identifiable data, ensuring data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

All-In-One Solution for Salesforce

Granular Control

Select only the components that you need, maintainng control over the process and minmizing unnecessary data transfers.

Data Replication

Deliver a full copy of your data in near real-time for accelerated reporting and analytics.

Bidirectional Integration

Data integration and synchronization that scales as your data grows – capturing information that is changing in the event of a restore.

On-Demand Recovery

Faster recovery of your content document, attachments, custom objects, related records, and more.

Salesforce Cloud Specs


Near real-time bidirectional replication

Schedule jobs at user-defined intervals

Deployment Model

Customer-owned and managed environment

Deploy on-premise or bring your own cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google, Azure, OCI, etc.)

Data Types

Standard objects & relationships

Custom objects & relationships

Files & attachments

Content documents & versions

Chatter feeds

Knowledge articles

Person accounts

History objects

Formula fields


Object type

Hierarchy / Relationships

SOQL Query


On-demand deleted record recovery with relationships

Point-in-time data recovery


History tracking

Data versioning

Reporting and analytics database population for BI tools

Relying on Salesforce to Recover Your Data?

Salesforce’s native recovery costs $10,000 USD per recovery.

  • The recovery process can take up to six to eight weeks to complete
  • Data deleted more than three months ago is not recoverable
  • The recovered data is sent via .CSV files, requiring manual re-upload
  • There’s no guarantee that 100% of your data will be recovered 


Protect Your Salesforce Data

Brace yourself for mind-blowing insights on data loss prevention, recovery techniques, and the exclusive features of Sesame Software that automate the backup process.

Connecting Salesforce to many data sources using Relational Junction

"Having RJ is a must if you have Salesforce. RJ has helped us to have a live copy of all our Salesforce data onsite so we could have a backup in case someone deleted data accidentally."

– Overby-Seawell

"We use RJ to mirror Salesforce and sync data to our SQL server every 30 min. It works great for us. Sesame Software helped us to set up the product, so we didn’t have to do much to get it going."

– Goodwill

"RJ is a key factor in our success as a Salesforce customer. I do not recommend too many products, but I have no problem recommending this one."

– Drexel University

"If you are looking for a tool to integrate with, Relational Junction is an excellent option."

– Adesa

"Relational Junction for Salesforce product eliminated the need, saving us countless hours of work and ongoing maintenance for an inhouse database."

– Lava

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