Data Lakehouse with Relational Junction

Simplify your data architecture to join analytics and data science.


Data Lakehouse Foundation

A cost-effective, highly scalable lakehouse that provides reliability and performance.

Consolidate Data Silos

Replaces data silos with a single home for structured and semi-structured.

Increase Performance

Solve the challenges of traditional data lakes — get better data reliability, support for advanced analytics, and lower total cost of ownership.

Relational Junction’s Modern Data Lakehouse

Why Use Our Signature Solution?

Relational Junction offers a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution for building and managing a data lakehouse, helping organizations looking to unlock the value of their data. Our patented time segmentation algorithms offer higher scalability for larger volumes of data.

Three Things That Set Us Apart

1. Ease of Use
Relational Junction alleviates the need for maintaining and writing new code on an on going basis as your data continues to grow and change.
2. Scalability and Performance
Relational Junction is designed to scale to handle large volumes of data and processing requirements.

3. Flexibility
Relational Junction is a platform-agnostic solution, can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and can integrate with a variety of other tools and services. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the deployment model and toolset that best fits their needs.

Integrate with Leading Cloud Data Warehouses

Seamlessly integrate with major cloud data warehouse providers such as Oracle ADW, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

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Data Lakehouse Resources

Do you have questions about building a data lakehouse? Learn why to use a data lakehouse, the benefits of analyzing data from multiple sources, & more!

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Benefits of a Data Lakehouse and Why You Need One

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