Financial Data Management with Relational Junction

Integrate your financial and insurance data into one place to deliver accurate information for critical decision making and long-term strategic planning.

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Relational Junction for
Financial Services

Financial institutions and insurance agencies face an increasingly complex mix of on-premises, cloud infrastructures, and legacy systems that need to be united and fully protected. 


Integrate data at scale to the destination of choice, creating a complete view for accurate analytics.


Deliver trusted data with a comprehensive data integration and governance strategy.


Protect yourself from data loss and fully backup data with a complete audit trail of all data for compliance.

“We were up and running with bidirectional data in three weeks. The setup is straightforward and easy. The support is fantastic and the turnaround time is very, very good.”

– Deutsche Bank

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Data You Can Trust

Leverage intelligent data in banking, capital markets, and insurance. Relational Junction provides you with the insight you need to fight fraud, ensure compliance, run complex analytics, and gain deeper insights.

Integrate your data across all systems - anywhere, anytime!

Improve your marketing, sales, and operations efforts with trusted, timely, and customer-centric data.

Satisfy regulatory compliance practices with trustworthy and transparent data.

Combat fraud with high-quality data, and protect sensitive data against unwanted data breaches.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Relational Junction is a multifaceted solution that combines integration, replication, data warehousing, and compliance into a single platform to support Insurance and Financial Services needs and beyond.

Accelerated Data Pipelines

Hyper-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement. Get your pipeline in minutes, not months!

Reporting Data Warehouse

Automated data syncs keep your financial data up to date for accurate reporting and analytics.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly connect to a multitude of data sources. Integrates between Cloud, on-premise, and custom applications.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Rapid data implementation means no data modeling, data mapping, or maintenance required.

Complete Data Backup

Backup your financial data without .CSV files, including custom objects and fields, long text, and binary data.

Maintenance-Free Schemas

Schema creation and data loading is entirely automated, including changes / timestamp-based incremental copy.

Salesforce for Financial Services

Comply financial and insurance industry regulations with ease, while being able to accurately govern, back up, recover, and limit access to sensitive data.

Restore your data, including metadata, at any scale and level of granularity since the implementation of Relational Junction.

Automated Backups

Backups restart automatically in the event of a failure

Backup Retention

All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items

Zero Downtime

Easily maintain database replicas in remote locations so that you can switch workloads

360-Degree View of Data

Relational Junction’s Data Integration Platform allows financial services and insurance agencies the ability to connect multiple data sources into a fully automated data warehouse with:

Identify potential areas of risk

Proactively manage and make decisions quickly

Save time and reduce costs

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We have customers of all sizes, worldwide.

Relational Junction has helped a number of customers in financial services and insurance. You are in good company!

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