Relational Junction for Snowflake

Bring all of your cloud and on-premise application data to a Snowflake data warehouse. Then, gain business insights with less planning and fewer resources!

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Data Integration for Snowflake

Connect Your Snowflake Data

Easily connect multiple data sources (including Teradata, Oracle, MySQL) and additional applications to Snowflake without any coding.

Secure Data Ingestion

Securely ingest data from different sources and environments to Snowflake running on ADW, AWS, PostgreSQL and more!

Expand Your Environment

Easily expand your Snowflake environment to include more data from any location at the speed your business demands.

Actionable Insights in Minutes

Patented technology speeds up your time to insights by quickly replicating data into your Snowflake data warehouse within minutes!

Easily replicate on-premises and cloud-based data sources and applications to your Snowflake data warehouse.

Simple implementation to ensure your data team saves time and resources to focus on insights!

Fully automated with advanced auto discovery for adds and changes keeps data fresh for accurate reporting.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

A multifaceted solution that combines integration, replication, data warehousing, and compliance into a single platform.

Fastest Data Pipelines

 Patented technology ensures efficient  Snowflake data movement. Get your pipeline in minutes!

Accelerated Insights

Automated data syncs keep your Snowflake data up to date for accurate reporting and analytics.

Seamless Integration

Connect to a number of different data sources. Integrate between Cloud, on-premise and custom applications.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Rapid data implementation– no data modeling, data mapping, or maintenance required.

Complete Data Backup

Backup/load your Snowflake data without manually importing .CSV files.

Maintenance-Free Schemas

Schema creation and data loading is entirely automated.

Unlock the Power of Snowflake

Exponentially increase the business value of your data. Create a data warehouse with Relational Junction today!

Ease of Use

Schedule and automate your incremental downloads with no-code integrations.


In minutes, build a Snowflake warehouse that has all data from your cloud or on-premise application. 

Fully Automated

The schema creation and data loading is entirely automated, including schema changes and timestamp-based incremental copy.

From Our Clients

Our clients are some of the best in the business! You are in good company. Check out what they have to say about Snowflake and Relational Junction below!

“Relational Junction is really adaptive and enables us to do our job without having to spend extra on software engineers or additional licensing.”

- Buzztime

“The integration was set up in under an hour. The process has been very easy to understand and we feel confident that the low maintenance of this service will save us time, money, and resources.”

- Clickstop

Stay Connected

Connect Snowflake to cloud and on-premises systems, including enterprise and middleware applications, data stores (e.g., databases, warehouses, big data stores), and analytics/BI tools.

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Snowflake Resources

Do you have questions about how Relational Junction would work for you? Learn more about data replication, cloud data, and more below!

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The Advantages of Data Replication with Snowflake

Data replication holds a number of advantages when applied to a data integration strategy for cloud-based data warehousing solutions.

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Cloud Data: Scalability and Performance

Regardless of the industry, mid-to large-size companies are looking for integration solutions that are scalable in a cloud-based data warehouse.

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Sesame Software Partners with Snowflake on Integration/Data Warehouse Solution

Sesame Software partners with Snowflake to provide organizations the tools to securely move data between CRM platforms and Snowflake for robust reporting and analytics. 

Streamline your data migration.

Eliminate data silos and centralize your data in your Snowflake data warehouse.

Spend more time on insights and less time on managing your data pipeline.

Scale your ecosystem and connect to multiple data sources and destinations.

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