Data Warehousing with Relational Junction

Create a consolidated view of your data by bringing all of it to one place – the effortless, no-build data warehouse of your choice!

Data Warehouse

Cloud & On-Premise Data Warehouse Deployment

Combine data from many sources for reporting and analytics, to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Consolidate Data Silos

Connect and unify your data in the data warehouse of your choice including Oracle ADW, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, Greenplum, and many others!

Integrate Your Data

Integrate your data with many data sources including databases and cloud-based applications.

Gain a 360 Degree View

Get a complete view of your critical business data across your entire organization to drive actionable insights.

Why Use Relational Junction?

Relational Junction builds, populates, and incrementally refreshes your data automatically.

Enhance Data Quality

Convert data from multiple sources into a consistent format – leading to more accurate data, which provides the basis for solid decisions.

Gain Insights

Automate the update of information into a central location, you can use your in-house BI tools to build useful reports to avoid costly mistakes.

Fixed Price

Avoid high consumption costs with yearly fixed prices and multi-year discounts no matter your data volume.

Man analyzing data in a data warehouse

Have Your Data Moving in Minutes, Not Months

Relational Junction’s patented technology speeds up your time to insights. With our platform you can quickly replicate data into the data warehouse of your choice.

Fully automated data warehouse - no coding, data mapping, or maintenance required

Advanced auto-discovery for adds and changes keeps data fresh - fields and objects are automatically added


Fully Automated Data Warehouse

Key Benefits

Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Install and create your warehouse in minutes with only your login credentials for the selected endpoints.

Low Maintenance Data Replication
Automatically build a data warehouse and keep the schema up to date, reducing costly project time.

User Cost Reduction
Offers a different location for users to observe the information without granting them permission to access the initial platform.

Common Use Cases

Complete Data Backup
Minimize data loss and builds business resiliency.

Cloud Data Migration
Patented technology speeds up time to insights by quickly migrating and replicating data into the cloud data warehouse of your choice within minutes.

Business Intelligence
Improves availability and performance of reporting over native systems. Provides the ability to use any reporting or BI products for analysis.

Integrate with Leading Cloud Data Warehouses

Seamlessly integrate with major cloud data warehouse providers such as Oracle ADW, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery. This allows you to migrate source data easily.
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Security and Scaleability for Your Data

Securely and efficiently connect your data to the destination of your choice

Data synchronization supports data growth – capturing data that is constantly changing as new data sources are added

Cloud schema changes are automatically updated in the warehouse, which means no broken data model or integrations

A magnifying glass with a protection shield while moving data to the cloud.

From Our Clients

Trusted by the best in the business. You’re in good company! See what clients are saying about Data Warehousing with Sesame Software.

“Once you have set it up, it just works without having to do much more than the equivalent of regular oil changes.”

– Buzztime

The Sesame team was able to help us install and configure this application in less than an hour.”

– CalAmp

Bank of America

Data Warehousing Resources

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