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High-Performance Enterprise Data Integration for Oracle

Relational Junction provides data integration for Oracle that enables continuous access to timely and trusted data to support both analytical and operational data integration initiatives. Easily access, replicate and integrate Oracle data with other databases and applications systems for robust reporting and analytics.

By integrating data from external and internal sources with Relational Junction, organizations are provided with a database that gives real-time 360-degree access to their most important data, ensuring data teams are aligned in day-to-day decision making and long-term strategic planning. Streamline operations, drive revenue growth, facilitate sales, and improve customer relationships with Relational Junction. 

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production. Minutes, not weeks
  • Deploy on-premise or with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performance compute, storage, and database
    services to power Big Data and analytics projects
  • Covers all data integration requirements from high-volume batch loads to trickle-feed integration processes
  • Replicates data to an instant data warehouse for backup, compliance and business intelligence
  • Uses flexible hub-centric integration model for efficient data flow
  • Connects to 100+ data sources, including databases, flat files, XML, and API-based applications
  • Supports nearly any relational database as a warehouse, including Cloud and columnar platforms
  • Standards-based SQL interface for any level of integration
  • Advanced auto discovery for schema changes and additions
  • No data modeling necessary
  • Lowers total cost of ownership and by maximizing designer productivity

Integrate Other Data Sources

Relational Junction provides data integration for Oracle that enables you to maximize your investment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by giving you the tools you need to connect your data across your organization with other databases and applications — on-premise or in the Cloud.


  • Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder creates an exact copy of the source schema for any database or API-driven source of data and keeps both the schema and the data in synch in near real-time
  • Relational Junction Data Integration Builder allows transformations and reshaping the data to a warehouse of your design, including star schemas and denormalized schemas


Relational Junction integrates data into an Oracle data warehouse by using patented techniques of scalability, speed, and stabilization of the data warehouse schema.

  • Scalability is achieved by using patented algorithms to limit individual queries on Cloud data to manageable sizes
  • Speed is achieved using patented multi-threaded techniques that retrieve data across many pipelines simultaneously
  • Stability of downstream integrations achieved by automatic discovery of the schema and any changes
  • Plug-in architecture for easy addition of new end-points

Relational Junction enables rapid creation and population of your data warehouse for large sets of Cloud data using the above techniques. Relational Junction can be set up and build your data warehouse in under 30 minutes.

Relational Junction Data Integration Success

Oracle recognized Sesame Software for bringing “ground-breaking” solutions to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to support critical data management and analytics use cases. Relational Junction was highlighted as one of the key innovative solutions that integrate well with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performing compute, storage, and database services to power Big Data and analytics projects. Read the blog.

Find out how Relational Junction for Oracle can help your business!

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Maximizing the Power of Oracle Cloud with Relational Junction

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction is a data management suite that integrates with Oracle Cloud, delivering an enhanced method for organizations to replicate and recover key data, while also facilitating the conversion of disparate data streams into actionable business intelligence. Relational Junction combines Replication, ETL, Data Warehousing, and Backup and Recovery into a powerful, flexible solution.

Relational Junction for NetSuite Benefits & Integration Points


Relational Junction’s patented technology enables you to securely and efficiently integrate data between cloud-based data systems and any on-premise or Cloud database server for robust reporting and analytics. The enterprise software allows you to leverage Oracle Cloud without the imposed limitations found in other database management systems (DBMS) on schema creation, information migration and record storage.


Relational Junction provides incredibly rapid multithreaded technology, which scales to hundreds of millions of records, while incrementally loading to reduce warehouse resources and conserve API calls in the source application. The technology provides a configurable selection of all or specific objects, tailored to suit your needs. There is no need to export .CSV files or maintain scripts and the implementation is instant and easy.

  • Technology leader in drop-in data warehouse technology
  • Automated warehouse build, data model maintenance and mapping
  • Incremental, near real-time replication
  • Support for 100+ Cloud and on-premise applications and databases
  • Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premise deployments
  • Replicate from SaaS systems in an incremental batch mode with automatic date ranging and batch sizing for maximum scalability – patented
  • Multi-threaded data movement bi-directionally between Staging and SaaS – patented
  • Automatic creation of the schema in staging area
  • Autodiscover ddl changes in the SaaS environment and reflect any growth or additions
  • Integrations with staging never break due to changes in the SaaS system
  • Keep prior versions for each table and record updated in a secondary archive table

Find out how Relational Junction for Oracle can help your business!

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