Sesame Software’s Enterprise Data Management Platform, Relational Junction, provides Oracle Eloqua users with high-volume data warehousing to gain deeper data insights. 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 05, 2021 – Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management, today announced a new data connector for Oracle Eloqua, empowering marketers and data teams with a scalable platform for achieving deeper data insights. 

Business professionals who want to integrate Eloqua with the software tools they use daily now can sync all of their data to one place and gain a 360- degree view into marketing and sales activities, as well as multi-channel B2B campaigns. Customers can streamline their analytics projects with a robust database that scales to support ever-growing amounts of data with zero management required.

Sesame Software’s Data Management Platform, Relational Junction, makes it easy for users to seamlessly flow data across any data source or application in their tech stack. Relational Junction breaks the data engineering bottleneck by offering high-volume automated data connectors that move data quickly, no matter the size or volume. With simple click-and-load deployment, Relational Junction will have you up and running 10x faster than any other traditional ETL tool. 

Using unique data replication technology, Relational Junction quickly automates the warehouse build process and data ingestion workflows, enabling users to focus on their business intelligence, not warehouse build projects. “Relational Junction’s high-volume data connectors allow you to integrate your data into your analytical and operational layers without heavy, repetitive lifting. No DBA skills are required, and no maintenance is needed,” says Rick Banister, CEO of Sesame Software. 

Ultimately, Relational Junction’s automation allows data teams to get to their data faster and data engineers to work on higher-value projects. Plus, the platform’s scalable architecture continuously evolves with organization-spanning data needs, allowing users easy access to their data and the ability to use how they see fit. Continuous automated data syncs also ensure data is up to date for accurate reporting and analytics. Knowing information is always fresh allows for new ways to customize messaging and drive better customer experiences with more targeted and informed campaigns. 

To learn more about how Sesame Software helps customers unlock deep value from their data by offering an easy-to-use platform for data analysis, request a demo directly with the Sesame Software team. You can also contact Sesame Software at (408) 550-7999 or by email at

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