Relational Junction’s Automated Data Warehousing and Integration for Oracle Fusion ERP

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction data management suite offers automated data warehousing and integration services to customers looking to effortlessly replicate, migrate, and integrate day-to-day business data from a variety of sources with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP customers are no longer challenged with centralizing and connecting their accounting, supply chain, operational data, and more from different sources and silos in order to build a complete picture of their business operations. 

A Patented Singular Approach

Relational Junction’s unique patented technology surpasses the ability of standard marketplace ETL and ELT products typically used for data migration and integration. Furthermore, multi-threaded technology ensures rapid data replication. Automated data syncs keep data up-to-the-minute for accurate business insights with no downtime. Additionally, high volume data connectors enable users to ingest and move large amounts of data at the fastest possible speed. Relational Junction’s list of patents ensures its unique all-in-one approach is truly singular.

Rapid Deployment with No Maintenance Required

Relational Junction’s simple click-and-load deployment and automated data replication empower customers with minimal DBA skills to build their data warehouse and start replicating and moving their business data to Oracle ERP in just minutes. In addition, this allows customers to bypass hours of costly work in data mapping and maintenance. While also eliminating the need to hire extra developers for build and maintenance projects entirely. 

Without a doubt, ERP solutions are powerful tools that help today’s businesses organize, centralize, and analyze their business data. But in order to do so, users need to get their data to their ERP solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. In conclusion, Relational Junction does the heavy lifting, empowering users of Oracle ERP to focus on business insights.

Key Benefits of Data Integration for Oracle ERP

  • High-volume data connectors enable rapid connection to Oracle Fusion ERP and other data sources
  • Replicates data to a fully automated data warehouse for backup, compliance and business intelligence
  • Patented multi-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement
  • Reduces wait time for data handling and enables intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing in near real-time
  • Advanced auto discovery for schema changes and additions
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating data modeling, database design, and data mapping – just click and load
  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production – get data moving in minutes, not weeks or months! 

To learn more about how Relational Junction can help your organization maximize your Oracle Fusion ERP investment, request a demo with the Sesame Team. 

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