Relational Junction for Oracle

Relational Junction is OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) certified and has been recognized by Oracle as a ground-breaking solution that supports critical data management and analytics use cases.

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Oracle Data Management

Relational Junction (RJ) makes your data easy to consume and put to use. Combine data from many sources for reporting and analytics, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for Relational Junction. Until now, we have been struggling to replicate Oracle Fusion ERP data into our Data Warehouse server. The Sesame team was able to help us install and configure this application in less than an hour. This is amazing!”

– CalAmp

Connect Oracle to ERP, Saas, and CRM platforms

Instant Data Warehouse

Relational Junction’s Data Warehouse for Oracle allows you to bring all of your data to one place for advanced reporting and analytics.

Fully automated data warehouse with minimal maintenance - no build projects, data modeling, or mapping

Efficiently replicate data into the data warehouse of your choice within minutes

Billed by OCPU, allowing for fixed charges that are not based on data volume

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Data Workload Migration

RJ provides seamless migration of your data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or the cloud-based environment of your choice.

Flexible data migration of cloud apps and databases with minimal downtime

Supports a multitude of cloud storage options across public and private clouds

Migrates other data sources to Oracle with no data mapping required

Your All-In-One Solution for Oracle

Relational Junction integrates with Oracle Cloud solutions and combines Data Warehousing, Replication, Integration, and Backup capabilities into a powerful, flexible solution.

Available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Simplify Connectivity

Pre-built connectors easily replicate data from multiple sources into your cloud data warehouse for data analysis in a matter of clicks.

Start Migrating in Minutes

Synchronize your data with your cloud data warehouse to ensure your data is continually and automatically kept up to date.

Align Your Data

Continuous data syncs keep you up to date improving data accuracy and speeding up time to insights for reporting analytics.

Connect Oracle Applications Anywhere, Anytime 


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Moving Data Workloads to OCI
RJ starts moving your data workloads to OCI in minutes, expanding your company’s agility at a fixed cost, allowing data teams more time to focus on key business initiatives and strategic projects.

Easy to Use Migration
Relational Junction offers flexible data migration of cloud apps and databases to Oracle Cloud within minutes. With accelerated migration that scales as your data grows and automated data syncs, you are always up-to-date for accurate reporting.

Oracle Cloud Certified
Relational Junction’s enterprise SQL-based solutions have been tested and verified on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers can move their data with confidence as Relational Junction is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA guarantee. This achievement ensures they have full access and control over their cloud infrastructure services as well as consistent performance.

Oracle Data Lakehouse

Data Ingestion with Relational Junction
RJ is the top data ingestion tool within the Oracle Lakehouse Partner Ecosystem, allowing customers to bring data from various sources to the Lakehouse in just minutes. Data teams are provided with full data visibility and accelerated insights and will no longer need to rely on limited data or their instinct for critical business decisions.

With automated data syncs and our patented time segmentation algorithm, your data moves at the fastest possible speed and is continuously updated, removing barriers such as manual processes that slow down the business. Customers can leverage automation to help reduce costs and eliminate complexity.

Relational Junction for Oracle Data Lakehouse

  • Rapid data ingestion from various sources to a data warehouse, data lake, or both – the Data Lakehouse
  • Time-saving automation eliminates costly data maintenance – freeing up time and valuable resources to focus on insights
  • Seamless code-free data flow between data warehouse and data lake

Oracle ADW

Accelerated Data Integration with Click-and-Load Deployment

  • Rapidly moves data from a wide variety of data sources to ADW in just minutes
  • Relational Junction requires only the ADW and source credentials to load data into ADW
  • Data can be entirely extracted with just one job request

Relational Junction Benefits

  • Secure and efficient data extraction to ADW
  • Easy integration into your analytical and operational layers without heavy, repetitive lifting
  • Data replication from a multitude of formats and technologies moving in minutes, not months
  • Rapid deployment reduces total cost of ownership by speeding up time to production


Automate Fusion Data Transfer

    • Relational Junction automates the REST calls, making it easier for customers to interact with Oracle Fusion and retrieve data
    • One of the key features is the ability to download data without the need to write complex queries
    • Relational Junction provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the data download process
    • The solution also offers the flexibility to move the downloaded data to any database of your choice
    • With Relational Junction, you can perform incremental loading, which means you don’t have to pull the entire data set each time –  saving time and resources


NetSuite - Oracle flow chart

All-In-One Solution

  • NetSuite data can be extracted directly into ADW through a matter of simple steps
  • Only requires ADW and NetSuite credentials to load NetSuite data into ADW
  • Options to use SuiteTalk or SuiteAnalytics to extract data
  • Patented algorithms extract large datasets of cloud data without failure
  • Enables data to be utilized by powerful BI tools, such as Oracle APEX and Oracle Analytics Cloud, for actionable insights
  • Fully vetted by APEX, OAC, and ADW teams as a key component that maximizes Oracle’s solution stack

JD Edwards

  • Enables JD Edwards customers to streamline their analytics projects with an analytical database
  • Easily transfer data from on-premise to the cloud, also known as lift and shift
  • Simplify the process of moving data from database to database
  • Click-and-load deployment replicates an entire database with all its tables, views, indexes, and PL/SQL code quickly

Featured Data Connectors

High-volume data connectivity to hundreds of cloud and on-premises systems. Including enterprise and middleware applications, data stores (e.g., databases, warehouses, big data stores), and analytics/BI tools.

Oracle Fusion
JD Edwards
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