General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. It applies to companies processing personal data in the context of an EU establishment, such as companies offering goods or services to the EU, as well as those who monitor the behavior of EU residents, regardless of whether the organization is located within the EU.  GDPR, while approved in April 2016, becomes legally enforceable on May 25, 2018.

Personal data must be sufficiently protected from unauthorized access, hacking, and ransomware attacks. GDPR compliance requires the data be stored on servers within the EU, no use of subcontractors without your consent, and agreement to report all data breach incidents, which most cloud backup providers cannot and do not guarantee. Just having encrypted cloud based backups is not GDPR compliant when they can easily be decrypted by the same third party vendor who also house the decryption codes.

Sesame Software is fully compliant with the standards of the GDPR and we can ensure
you are GDPR compliant too!

The changes brought in by the GDPR are wide-reaching and a number of functions within many organizations will be affected by the changes, from marketing to security and, of course, legal and compliance.  Businesses and organizations who fail to comply with the GDPR face severe penalties. As a Data Processor, Sesame Software provides our customers (Data Controllers) with a complete set of tools to comply with the GDPR standards.

Relational Junction for GDPR

  • Data is stored in a secure relational database, not flat files, ensuring complete privacy and customer control of who accesses all data
  • Installed on-premise with no vendor access to data in-flight or at-rest
  • Combines all the benefits of Cloud-based text files and on-premise databases with none of the downside
  • Full data backup, restore and recovery capabilities
  • A primary database table for each object keeps current and deleted records
  • A secondary database table keeps all prior versions of every record so everything is available for point in time recovery
  • Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records
  • Limits data access control based on user privileges
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With hundreds of global customers, including Fortune 500 companies across all industries, Sesame Software already meets extensive security compliance standards and the industries highest security certifications (SEC, HIPAA, and FINRA to name a few). All of Sesame Software’s Relational Junction components are patented or patent-pending. Relational Junction can be deployed on-premise in Windows or any flavor of UNIX, in a private cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Cloud, etc.), or as a SaaS offering.

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