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l transformation, new applications are being adopted within organizations at a rapid pace. There is a growing shift from on-premise applications to cloud or hybrid with both cloud and on-premise components, causing significant challenges for organizations to build an integrated enterprise.  An organization that has procured or migrated to Oracle Cloud, encounters various challenges integrating a wide range of Oracle Fusion Application suite with external on-premise and cloud applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of modular Oracle applications that empower customers to manage large, complex business tasks, processes, and workflows in one place. Additionally, this allows for a comprehensive view across HR, supply chain, and financial branches, users are able to achieve greater insight into their businesses, empowering them to make better business-critical decisions.

Oracle HCM, Oracle SCM, and ERP Financial Cloud

Oracle Human Capital Management, or HCM, enables users to manage a wide range of people processes within one common data source. However, SCM, or Oracle Supply Chain Management, enables users to easily see the complete picture of their company’s finances and operations. Oracle’s ERP Financial Cloud empowers customers to manage all aspects of their business financial modalities in one place. As a result, users can get the in-depth insights needed to make informed decisions.

Seamless Integration for Oracle Fusion

Sesame Software’s Data Management Suite supports Oracle Fusion Applications – including HCM, SCM, and ERP Financial Cloud – allowing for seamless integration of Oracle Fusion Applications with external, on-premise, and cloud applications. This enables Oracle customers to rapidly replicate and seamlessly integrate Cloud data with Oracle’s Fusion software, providing users with in-depth insights that can quickly maximize their Oracle investment.

Sesame Software’s data connectors for Oracle Fusion Applications streamline integration processes, ensuring data consistency, enhanced performance, and rapid insights. By using patented, scalable technology, Sesame Software Data Warehouse Builder enables you to create an on-premise or Cloud data warehouse in just minutes that links all of your integrations to one trusted source. As a result, all of your data from disparate applications and databases are now unified in one high-performance data warehouse. Sesame Software eliminates lengthy warehouse build projects. Just turn it on, configure the login information, and your warehouse is built and loaded! There is no need to hire third-party consultants – saving you significant time and money.

Sesame Software Key Benefits

  • Data connectors support replication and integration for a wide variety of cloud and on-premise applications and databases
  • Fully automated data warehouse enables rapid connection to Fusion Applications and other data sources
  • Patented technology ensures the fastest possible data movement
  • Reduces wait time for data handling and enables intelligent automation
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating data modeling, database design, and data mapping – just click and load
  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production – get data moving in minutes, not weeks or months!

In conclusion, Sesame Software’s high-volume data connectors and automated data warehouse simplify the process of building data pipelines with Fusion applications so that you can free up your time to focus on critical business decisions. Want to learn more? Request a demo today!