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Source: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog

Migrating to the cloud involves moving critical workloads from on-premise and co-located hardware to a cloud provider. Moving your workloads to the cloud allows you to manage IT infrastructure remotely without the security risk, inconvenience, and cost of maintaining on-premise hardware.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built for enterprises seeking higher performance, consistently lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications. When considering moving your various application data from on-premises to Oracle Cloud, it is important to assess what data needs to be migrated and select an appropriate data transfer method.

Migrating to OCI leads to excellent flexibility, reliability, and security. Since you can achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than many providers (due to their advanced compute and 2nd generation cloud), it is a high-value selection and an excellent starting point for your Cloud journey.

Benefits of Moving to Oracle Cloud

  • Performance
    • Increased flexibility and reliability when you run your applications on Oracle Cloud
    • High performance at a lower cost than deployments running on-premises or other cloud infrastructures
    • Shared infrastructure that empowers your entire business to run faster and scale up (or down) to meet peak compute demands with ease
  • Security
    • Enterprise-grade security at every level of the stack, ensuring user isolation, and data encryption at every stage of the life cycle
    • Fine-grained security controls, compliance, and visibility through comprehensive log data and monitoring solutions
  • Personalized Solutions and Cost Savings
    • Comprehensive database migration services, so there will be one that exactly matches your requirements
    • Hardware cost savings, increased business flexibility, and greater efficiencies in the short- and long-term

In essence, the flexibility of Oracle Cloud provides the scalable infrastructure, development capabilities, hardware, and software options that support your business. Thus, allowing you to create and utilize the agile innovation to keep your company competitive for years to come.

Moving Workloads to the Cloud Just Got Easier

Oracle Cloud has the only marketplace which offers click-to-deploy solutions for Oracle in addition to certified and optimized partner solutions. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCM) enables customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment.

On the OCM, you can quickly locate and deploy services and solutions to support you in your journey from on-premise to Cloud. This can be for migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or another pillar of the cloud. Services will vary by provider/vendor.

Additionally, these services are becoming increasingly popular as companies begin to recognize that the prospect of migrating to the cloud is no easy task. Oracle customers recognize the need to invest in services to reduce the risk of migration and set them up for success after.

It Takes the Right Partner

If you’re ready to improve your competitive edge by increasing your company’s agility, you’re ready to move to Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud solutions enable your company to run your business the way you want, at the cost and performance you prefer. However, to access the full benefits of Oracle Cloud, you need a partner to help you accelerate your cloud journey!

Sesame Software’s Data Management Platform, Sesame Software, can migrate your application data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with ease. There is no need for data modeling, mapping, or coding. In addition, Relational Junction can manage your workload migration to ensure cost savings, time savings, and increased efficiency and agility without re-architecting your solutions!

Sesame Software’s enterprise SQL-based solutions have been tested and verified on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers can move their data with confidence as Sesame Software is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA guarantee. This achievement ensures they have full access and control over their cloud infrastructure services as well as consistent performance.

Deploying On the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Sesame Software’s participation in Oracle Cloud Marketplace’s simplified software purchasing and enhanced billing system allows customers to purchase Sesame Software and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, all in one unified bill. Sesame Software’s participation in the OCM further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and provides added value to data-reliant organizations of all sizes.

Sesame Software can be directly installed from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace into your OCI tenancy and can be purchased with Oracle Universal Credits to make the entire transaction as seamless as possible.

Take Advantage of Oracle Cloud Benefits Immediately

Interested in a fast, error-free application migration that can help your company take advantage of Oracle Cloud benefits in less than an hour? Sesame Software can be purchased directly via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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Original Source: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog