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For many financial services companies, data exists in many different formats within silos across the entire business. This makes it difficult to access, analyze, and derive actionable insights. 

Additionally, financial services companies such as banking, wealth management, and insurance firms are still using disparate or legacy systems to manage their data. Without the right data solution in place, they are unable to integrate and protect these data sets, as well as harness the critical insights they need. This can result in lengthy and frustrating journeys for the customers themselves.

The mounting pressure to comply with today’s stringent regulatory requirements is often where most budget, time, and resources are spent. The penalties for non-compliance are startlingly high. Thus, investment decisions are usually made with a short-term view to instant compliance rather than investing in technology to support the business and improve customer experience.

Using Salesforce to Manage Critical Insurance Data

Salesforce is an integral part of CRM operations within the financial services industry worldwide. With Salesforce, data-driven companies gain a complete view of their customer’s data on a unified platform. Rich, contextual data allows for intelligent real-time decisions about customer care and allows for enhanced analytics.

To deliver valuable, consistent, and scalable results, an intelligent data management solution must be in place to manage Salesforce data and data from other sources. It is critical that this solution safeguards valuable business information, reduces the risk of data loss, and ensures regulatory compliance. 

Financial services companies require assured backup and recovery of their Salesforce data. This is because of the sensitive nature of the data insurance firms typically handle, coupled with the increasing pressure from cyber threats and other data disasters.

The only way to assure data protection is with a comprehensive data backup and restore solution. This solution would enable data preservation while providing the ability to perform an almost instant restore when a data disaster happens.

Solution: A Single Trusted Source 

With Sesame Software’s Data Management Solution you can quickly integrate large amounts of data into a single hub. Sesame Software provides data-driven companies with an opportunity to leverage the vast amount of customer data at their disposal. This kick starts their digital-transformation journeys and paves the way for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Sesame Software’s data protection and integration solutions help financial services organizations speed up processes and reduce costs. Thus, providing the ability to easily adapt to changing business scenarios without being constrained by complex data maintenance processes.

Salesforce Data Integration, Compliance and Analytics, All-In-One 

Within financial services, capturing increasing volumes of highly sensitive private data from multiple sources every day can be difficult and stressful. All of it needs to be identified, unified, and properly protected. To fully manage the lifecycle of this data and comply with government and industry regulations, organizations rely on Sesame Software’s data protection and data integration solution for Salesforce. Sesame Software provides firms with the ability to accurately govern, back up, recover, and limit access to sensitive data.

Sesame Software Key Benefits:

  • Combines data warehouse, data integration, replication, and compliance capabilities into one powerful solution for data and analytics management
  • Replaces data silos with a single home for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Synchronizes data across multiple sources – increasing access and visibility for data-driven results
  • Unifies data to easily gather information about billing, claims, policy information, and more, all in one place
  • Safeguard data from deletion, corruption, attack without the manual processes, and cumbersome exports
  • Provides comprehensive, automated Salesforce data backup and recovery that minimizes data loss, supports regulatory compliance, and builds business resiliency

If you are struggling with protecting and integrating your Salesforce instance with other data sources, Sesame Software is here to help! Learn more about the possibilities with Sesame Software today.