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As companies scale, their data increases and that data often resides in a multitude of separate data sources. Additionally, information from different sources often needs to be combined for operational actions, reporting, and analytical needs. How do you connect, correlate, and analyze these varied outputs and effectively use your data to turn insights into new solutions that increase revenue streams?

Oracle Customers are using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to build a lakehouse that provides an efficient platform for integrating all your data—whether in a data warehouse, data lake, or application output—and adds analytics capabilities, machine learning, and AI services to help you get the most value out of your data. Building a lakehouse on OCI can help you overcome the obstacles posed by too much data, too many formats, too many sources and make sense of it all.

Data Lakehouse Architecture 

Data Lake

A data lake enables an enterprise to store all of its data in a cost-effective, elastic environment. This is done while providing the necessary processing, persistence, and analytic services to discover new business insights. A data lake stores and curates structured and unstructured data. Additionally, it provides methods for organizing large volumes of highly diverse data from multiple sources. 

Data Warehouse

With a data warehouse, you perform data transformation and cleansing before committing the data to the warehouse. With a data lake, you ingest data quickly and prepare it on the fly as people access it. A data lake supports operational reporting and business monitoring. This requires immediate access to data and flexible analysis to understand what is happening while it is happening.

Data Lakehouse 

Data Lakehouse architecture combines the abilities of a data lake and a data warehouse to provide a modern data management platform that processes streaming data and other types of data from a broad range of enterprise data resources. Use this architecture to leverage the data for business analysis, machine learning, and data services.

Ready to Move Data to Your Lakehouse? It Takes the Right Partner!

Oracle customers are looking to leverage the latest technology and data insights to become more innovative to grow and move their business forward. They want to use data science to uncover new business models, trends, and opportunities that support business innovation. Others are looking to become more efficient with their operations and get predictable operating expenses, so they turn to technology to help reduce costs and to boost productivity. 

Sesame Software is the top data ingestion tool within the Oracle Lakehouse Partner Ecosystem, allowing customers to bring data from various sources to the lakehouse in just minutes. Data teams are provided with full data visibility and accelerated insights and will no longer need to rely on limited data or their instinct for critical business decisions. 

With multi-threaded data ingestion and automated data syncs, your data moves at the fastest possible speed and is continuously updated. Thus, this removes barriers such as manual processes that slow down the business. Customers can leverage automation to help reduce costs and eliminate complexity.

Sesame Software Benefits:

  • Rapid data ingestion from various sources to a data warehouse, data lake, or both – the Data Lakehouse
  • Time-saving automation eliminates costly data maintenance – freeing up time and valuable resources to focus on insights 
  • Seamless code-free data flow between data warehouse and data lake 

Sesame Software’s enterprise SQL-based solutions have been tested by data scientists and verified on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers can move their data with confidence as Sesame Software is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA guarantee. This achievement ensures they have full access and control over their cloud infrastructure services as well as consistent performance.

Sesame Software can be directly installed from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace into your OCI tenancy and can be purchased with Oracle Universal Credits to make the entire transaction as seamless as possible.  

Leverage Your Oracle Data Lakehouse Immediately

Interested in a fast, code-free data flow that can help your company take advantage of Oracle Data Lakehouse benefits in less than an hour? Schedule a free demo of Sesame Software’s data platform and get started today! Sesame Software can also be deployed directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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