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Microsoft Unleashes AI-Powered Search

Microsoft has transformed its Bing search engine and Edge browser by introducing an AI-powered experience featuring ChatGPT capabilities. The aim is to provide users with better search results, more complete answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content.

Microsoft acknowledges that out of the 10 billion daily search queries, approximately half remain unanswered as people use search beyond its original intent. Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, highlights the significant impact of AI on search and software, and the launch of Bing and Edge powered by AI copilot and chat to enhance user experiences.

AI-Powered Search

Microsoft has incorporated AI technology into the new Bing search engine to enhance its capabilities for users. This includes:

  • OpenAI model: Bing now runs on a more powerful next-generation OpenAI large language model, specifically customized for search capabilities. It builds upon the strengths and learnings from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, offering greater speed, accuracy, and capability.
  • Microsoft Prometheus model: The Prometheus model is a proprietary approach developed to effectively leverage the power of the OpenAI model. This combination aims to deliver more relevant, timely, and targeted search results.
  • AI within the search algorithm: Microsoft has integrated its AI model into the core Bing search ranking engine, resulting in the most significant increase in relevance in two decades. Even basic search queries benefit from improved accuracy and relevance.
  • Enhanced user experience: Microsoft has reimagined the user interaction with search, browser, and chat. Creating a unified experience unlocks new ways of engaging with the web.

Microsoft attributes these new search experiences to its commitment to building Azure into a global AI supercomputer, leveraging the same infrastructure as OpenAI to train breakthrough models optimized for Bing.

Your Copilot for the Web

Microsoft describes the reimagined Bing and Edge browser as the user’s “copilot for the web” due to the unified experience it offers. This experience includes:

  • Improved search: AI-powered search provides more relevant results for sports scores, stock prices, weather, and more. A new sidebar displays comprehensive answers when desired.
  • Complete answers: Bing reviews results from across the web to find and summarize the specific answer users are seeking.
  • New chat experience: Microsoft introduces a chat experience for complex searches, such as planning detailed trip itineraries. The chat function refines users’ searches until they find the desired answer.
  • Content creation: Bing’s new search engine can generate content for users, such as email writing, job interview preparation, quiz creation, and more. Bing provides source citations, linking users to the referenced web content.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Edge experience: Microsoft has updated its Edge browser with AI capabilities and a refreshed appearance. It introduces two new functionalities: chat and compose. The Edge Sidebar summarizes lengthy financial reports, allowing users to ask for comparisons to competing companies’ financials through the chat function. Edge can also assist in composing content, such as LinkedIn posts, by providing prompts. Additionally, it adapts the content’s tone based on the web page the user is viewing.

Microsoft and OpenAI

Microsoft recently extended its long-term partnership with OpenAI through a substantial investment aimed at accelerating AI breakthroughs. This partnership, which began in 2019, enables the sharing of AI technology with the world.

The partnership extension ensures that Microsoft remains the exclusive cloud provider for OpenAI, deploys OpenAI models to its customer base, and increases investments in OpenAI’s independent AI research.

Microsoft’s launch of Teams Premium incorporates OpenAI-powered features, provides customers with advanced meeting solutions, webinars, virtual appointments, meeting intelligence, and more.

Google’s response to Microsoft’s ChatGPT activity is the release of its Generative AI chatbot called “Bard,” renowned for its storytelling capabilities.


In summary, Microsoft’s adoption of AI in Bing and Edge represents a game-changing advancement in search technology. The AI-powered capabilities, such as ChatGPT, provide users with more relevant results, complete answers, and a seamless chat experience. With a continued focus on AI research and collaboration with OpenAI, Microsoft is at the forefront of shaping the future of AI-powered experiences.

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