Connect Data Faster, No Matter the Size, Volume, or Source.

Enterprise Data Management solution providing instant data warehouses for your business intelligence, data protection, and data integration needs.

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One Platform, Endless Possibilities.

Sesame Software’s Enterprise Data Management Platform, Relational Junction, allows you to connect and integrate data from any data source into the data warehouse of your choice. In minutes, your data is moving and centralized – all while maintaining complete security and control.

Take Control of Your Data

Eliminate Data Silos

Easily connect and unify all of your data to the data warehouse of your choice to ensure data consistency and faster decision-making.

Integrate Your Data

Integrate your data with any data source including databases, ERP/CRM systems, and custom applications.

Gain a 360 Degree View

Get a complete view of your critical business data across your entire organization to drive actionable insights.

Enterprise Data Management with Relational Junction

Trusted by the best in the business! You’re in good company.

Your business is built on data. What do you want to do with it?

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Connect & Collect

Integrate and unify data from any data source quickly and efficiently. On-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid environments.

Store & Analyze

Eliminate data silos and speed up time to insights with centralized access to all of your data, all in one place!

Backup & Protect

Make sure your data is backed up and fully protected at all times. Complete data restore, including deleted data.

Featured Connectors

Relational Junction enables secure and efficient data integration between cloud and on-premise applications for advanced data analytics. Quickly connect data sources and targets including Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, Snowflake, MS Dynamics, Pardot, and any relational database.

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Have Your Data Moving in Minutes, Not Months!

Speed up your time to insights by quickly replicating data into the data warehouse of your choice within minutes.

Hyper-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement

Fully automated data warehouse - no coding, data mapping, or maintenance required

Easy implementation ensures your data team saves time and resources to focus on insights - just click and load

Advanced auto-discovery for adds and changes keeps data fresh - fields and objects are automatically added

"Having RJ is a must if you have Salesforce. RJ has helped us to have a live copy of all our Salesforce data onsite so we could have a backup in case someone deleted data accidentally."

– Overby-Seawell

"We use RJ to mirror Salesforce and sync data to our SQL server every 30 min. It works great for us. Sesame Software helped us to set up the product, so we didn’t have to do much to get it going."

– Goodwill

"RJ is a key factor in our success as a Salesforce customer. I do not recommend too many products, but I have no problem recommending this one."

– Drexel University 

"If you are looking for a tool to integrate with, Relational Junction is an excellent option."

– Adesa

"Relational Junction for Salesforce product eliminated the need, saving us countless hours of work and ongoing maintenance for an inhouse database."

– Lava
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Featured Resources

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Goodwill Case Study

Learn how Goodwill used Relational Junction to create cost-effective, feature-rich data protection for more accurate critical business reports.

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Oracle Data Warehouse: Build vs. Buy

Combine data from any source for reporting and analytics, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions with Relational Junction for Oracle.

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Eliminate data silos and centralize your data into the data warehouse of your choice

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