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Continental Batteries Success Story


The integration was easily set up so that all table entities and table data would be integrated. 

Previously Siloed Platforms

Use Case

The Continental Batteries team needed to move their substantial NetSuite data to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), to be used with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). After trying other migration and integration tools, they realized they needed a solution that would not require a lot of upkeep- they wanted a powerful, easy-to-use tool that needed very little maintenance.


The Challenge

The team needed to integrate NetSuite data for actionable BI – with little-to-no maintenance. Strong customer relationships enabled Continental Batteries to embrace tremendous growth, expanding to over 70 nationwide branches and 20,000 dealer locations – increasing their need for integrated data.

The Solution

Sesame Software’s high volume data connectors enabled large volume data migration and integration.

Data Warehouse

Sesame Software quickly built a fully automated data warehouse that perfectly mirrors Continental’s NetSuite data. No data mapping or data model maintenance is required, freeing up their time to focus on business insights. With continuous automated data synchronization, the Continental team can trust that their data is always up to date, for accurate reporting and analytics.

Data Integration

Sesame Software provides efficient integration that scales to Continental’s data volume, allowing for fast, high-performance reporting and analytics. Patented technology eliminates bottlenecks and request time-outs that can cripple accurate reporting, ensuring seamless data integration.

The Results

The Continental team was able to easily apply OAC for their critical business intelligence.


The integration was easily set up so that all table entities and table data would be integrated.As for our direct contacts at Sesame Software, they have been exceptional. Very responsive and hands-on during the integration process.

Joel Pintor, Jr.

Development Manager, Continental Batteries

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