With Relational Junction’s rapid deployment, the CalAmp team was up and running within one hour!


CalAmp is a telematics pioneer leading transformation in the connected vehicle and Industrial Internet of Machines marketplace. The company’s technology includes edge computing devices and SaaS-based applications for remotely tracking and managing vehicles and consumer products.




Irvine, CA

Use Case:

Integrate and migrate their CRM and ERP data into their SQL Server for robust reporting and analytics

Data Sources:

Salesforce, Fusion ERP, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Power BI

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for Sesame Software’s solution, Relational Junction. Until now, we have been struggling to replicate Oracle Fusion ERP data into our data warehouse server. The Sesame team was able to help us install and configure this application in less than an hour.”


The CalAmp team had tried other data integration solutions and they were hitting a wall- they were frustrated with the lack of ease of use and the lengthy and involved set-up process. They needed an immediate solution to pull their Salesforce and Fusion ERP data into their SQL Server on Oracle Cloud, so that they could then employ Microsoft’s Power BI data visualization tool for critical reporting and analytics.


The CalAmp team chose Relational Junction because of its ease of use, rapid deployment, and maintenance-free data replication. CalAmp was able to install Relational Junction quickly, building their instant data warehouse and replicating their Salesforce and Fusion ERP data for integration with SQL Server on Oracle Cloud.

Relational Junction Products

Data Integration Builder

RJ Data Integration Builder enables CalAmp to move and manage large amounts of data with a simplified, easy-to-use process that accelerates time to value. Using Relational Junction’s powerful SQL interface, CalAmp is able to seamlessly integrate their disparate data into their SQL server on Oracle Cloud.

Data Warehouse Builder

RJ Data Warehouse Builder creates and continuously synchronizes an instant data warehouse that perfectly mirrors CalAmp’s Cloud applications, as well as database-to-database incremental copy. With Relational Junction, CalAmp is able to link all of their data integrations to one trusted source.


  • Patented multi-threaded technology provides CalAmp with the fastest possible data movement
  • Relational Junction enables intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing in near real-time- wait time for data handling is greatly reduced
  • CalAmp benefits from advanced auto discovery for schema changes and additions
  • CalAmp’s total cost of ownership is lowered by eliminating the need for data modeling, database design, and data mapping – just click and load
  • Rapid deployment shortens time to production – CalAmp’s data was moving in minutes, not weeks or months!

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