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Sesame Software’s Data Management Suite, empowers Vertica Users to Integrate Data Across All Platforms

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management and creator of Sesame Software, today announced its rapid data connector for Vertica. Sesame Software provides ETL, ELT, transform, and complete integration of Vertica data – on-prem, on-cloud, or anywhere in between.

Sesame Software enables users to integrate Vertica data with a wide variety of data sources to ensure company data is broadly available. With Sesame Software, users can construct data pipelines in minutes and replicate data to virtually any destination, including cloud data warehouses such Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, as well as on-premises databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL to name a few.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Connect internal and external data sources to Vertica in minutes
  • Synchronize Vertica with Salesforce, Oracle, and other back-office systems
  • Access the complete Vertica data model for a comprehensive view of data
  • Unify IT systems and auto-scale business processes across applications
  • Integrate data into analytical and operational layers without heavy, repetitive lifting 
  • No coding, data mapping, or maintenance required

Sesame Software: The Complete Solution

Sesame Software combines integration, replication, data warehousing, and compliance to cover all of your data needs. This unified platform simplifies your data architecture by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate analytics and data science. Sesame Software helps data teams simplify data movement with improved data reliability and cloud-scale production operations to help build the best foundation for data analysis. 

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About Vertica 

Vertica supports a variety of computational processing, BI, and analytics applications. Designed to build intelligent applications using a scalable, hybrid database platform that has everything built in—from in-memory performance and advanced security to in-database analytics.

About Sesame Software 

Sesame Software is the Enterprise Data Management leader, delivering data rapidly for enhanced reporting and analytics. Sesame Software’s data platform offers superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, as well as backup, and compliance to fit your business needs. Quickly connect to SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications for accelerated insights. Learn more today!

Media Contact:

Crystal Duarte

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

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