Relational Junction for HubSpot

No-code data integration and replication to easily connect HubSpot and a wide variety of other data sources to the destination of choice.


Relational Junction for HubSpot

Easily connect HubSpot with cloud applications and relational databases to the data warehouse of your choice. Empower your data teams to improve data quality, eliminate silos, and uncover new insights to support data-driven decision-making.

All-In-One Solution for HubSpot

Data Warehouse

Fully automated data warehouse that is a perfect mirror of your HubSpot application.

Data Replication

Rapid replication delivers data in batches, allowing for accelerated reporting and analytics.

Data Backup & Archive

Continuous daily backups and automatic data extraction, one-time or trickle feed.

Data Integration

Data integration and synchronization to manage data growth – capturing data that is constantly changing.

Connect HubSpot Anywhere, Anytime

In a matter of minutes, you can connect your HubSpot marketing and sales data with other data sources. Send your HubSpot data to feed your BI, data warehouse, or your custom analytics stack. This paints a full view of your leads, analytics, sales, and customer service information.

Connect HubSpot to CRM, ERP, and SaaS Solutions
HubSpot Data

Take Control of Your HubSpot Data

With HubSpot, you get exhaustive data on your marketing efforts. We help you take control of that data!

Scalable architecture and automation allow you to easily grow your data without the need for labor-intensive processes, including manual data entry, data mapping, and maintenance.

Get all of the data you need, continuously updated and all in one place. This allows for better customer experiences with more targeted and informed campaigns.

Stay Connected

Easily access, discover, replicate and integrate HubSpot data with adjacent enterprise systems — such as databases, ERP and CRM systems, custom applications, and analytics/BI tools.

"Very responsive and hands on during the integration process."

Continental Batteries

"In the Return on Investment (ROI) world in which we operate, Relational Junction pays for itself.”

– Grove City College

"This is increasing our team’s productivity and we are able to envision plenty of new avenues for building better integrations."

– NetApp

"Great value to our business, huge savings in development costs."

– ebrary
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Accelerate Your Analytics with Streamlined Integration
Data Integration for Accelerated Reporting and Analytics

Learning how to streamline data integrations is imperative to achieving accelerated reporting and analytics for today’s businesses.

Relational Junction for HubSpot

Relational Junction provides Hubspot users with the ability to connect and combine data with many other data sources to drive insights.

Unify Your Data with Relational Junction
Data Integration in Minutes

Relational Junction provides rapid ingestion from almost any source for seamless data movement to the destination of your choice.

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Rapidly connect and protect your HubSpot data, no matter the size or volume

Advanced integrations that run at scale, with no data mapping, coding, or maintenance required

Hyper-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement

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