Oracle Highlights Sesame Software as Premier Software Vendor on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Sesame Software, the creator of Relational Junction, the enterprise data management solution suite, announced today that the company will be participating in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace’s new simplified billing program. Marketplace customers can now use their Universal Cloud Credits to purchase enterprise applications and solutions on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers have the flexibility to migrate to OCI with their existing ISV licenses (BYOL). Thus, the company is not required to pay any additional transactional fees to Oracle. This enhancement to the Marketplace gives customers the capability to consume the ISV solutions of their choice. The user now receives a single, consolidated bill across both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and third-party applications.

Oracle highlighted Sesame Software as one of the program’s premier software vendors in a press release. Relational Junction delivers an enhanced method for organizations to replicate key data for actionable business intelligence. Additionally, Relational Junction includes plug-and-play simplicity and incredibly rapid deployment.

Participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Enhanced Billing Program is another win for Sesame Software, which recently announced its Gold Level status in the company’s partnership with Oracle. Oracle Cloud has the only marketplace which offers click-to-deploy solutions for Oracle. In addition to certified and optimized partner solutions such as Relational Junction.

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