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Press Release: Sesame Software Releases Robust Data Connector for JD Edwards, Accelerating Analytics and Lift and Shift Processes, with Data Transfer Rates of Up to 34K Records Per Second

Sesame Software’s enterprise data management suite provides JD Edwards customers with a user-friendly analytics database, cost-saving Lift and Shift data replication, and rapid data transfer.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sesame Software, the enterprise data management specialist, has announced that their signature Relation Junction data management suite now supports JD Edwards.

“Users of JD Edwards’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can now exponentially deepen their business investment by adding Sesame Software as a critical component of their solution stack,” says Rick Banister, CEO of Sesame Software.

Sesame Software enables JD Edwards customers to streamline their analytics projects with a robust analytics database that can be easily used without a DBA background. Sesame Software also helps customers simplify the Lift and Shift process of moving data from database to database, resulting in substantial savings in personnel and maintenance costs. Sesame Software’s supports rapid data transfer rates, moving data up to 34K records per second.

A typical use case for many JD Edwards users is transferring data from an on-premise data source and moving it into the cloud, also known as Lift and Shift. Sesame Software speeds up this process with a simple click-and-load deployment that replicates an entire database with all its tables, views, indexes, and PL/SQL code quickly, with no downtime. “By using data replication technology, Sesame Software automates the warehouse build process and data ingestion workflows, enabling users to save resources and focus on their business intelligence, not their build projects.”

Sesame Software also offers a streamlined solution for JD Edwards users looking to apply analytics to their enterprise data. Traditionally, this process can be time-consuming, involving tracking data within naming conventions that lack user-friendliness and readability. “Sesame Software solves this problem by creating a hybrid solution, one that combines the data source rest API and the source database. By interrogating the API and recreating the data with user-friendly names, Sesame Software creates the fastest and most readable solution for analytics with JD Edwards.”

While testing the Sesame Software and JD Edwards solution stack, the Sesame team found data transfer rates of up to 34K records per second. “The final number is a function of environmental factors such as network latency and load, which are excellent in the OCI platform,” says Banister. “These rapid data transfer rates, the lack of downtime, click-and-load deployment, ease of use, and readability, will cut down on the delivery time of your Lift and Shift and analytics projects, from weeks or months to just hours.”

To learn more about Sesame Software’s enterprise data management solution, request a demo directly with the Sesame Software team. You can also contact Sesame Software at (408) 550-7999 or by email at

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