Recently on Quora we read the following question, “What is the quickest way to export your MS SQL table fields and it’s types to BigQuery table?  “I have a table contains 120 columns in MS SQL server and I have to replicate the above on BigQuery. Creating a table for the above in BQ takes more time.” Relational Junction is the quickest way to export and here is our answer explaining why: “The answer you’re looking for is Relational Junction. “RJ” will consume a database or an API-driven cloud data source, create the schema in the syntax of the target database, then copy the data as fast as the target allows. New fields in the source are automatically created in the target.

RJ supports the vast majority of databases in use, plus API-based applications such as NetSuite and Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. RJ can be installed and configured in under a half hour. Hit the Run button and everything is fully automated.

It’s almost as if Sesame Software has prepared for the last fifteen years just so we could answer this question. So, Relational Junction is the quickest way to export!

Learn more about Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder and how it perfectly mirrors your Cloud application, as well as database-to-database incremental copy.

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