Sesame Software Recognized for Bringing “Ground-Breaking Solution” to Oracle Cloud Marketplace with Patented Relational Junction.

As a leading partner in the Oracle Cloud MarketplaceOracle recognized Sesame Software today.

In a company blog announcement in conjunction with the first day of Oracle OpenWorld. Oracle highlighted Sesame Software as a partner “who bring(s) ground-breaking solutions to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace” to support “critical data-management and analytics use cases.”

The post identifies Sesame Software as a key partner that offers “innovative solutions in data management and analytics that integrate well with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performing compute, storage, and database services to power your Big Data and analytics projects.”

Sesame Software is a Gold Level Oracle partner. So, the company’s patented Relational Junction data management suite enables customers to leverage the power of Oracle Cloud. Relational Junction helps businesses achieve critical business goals. Additionally, Relational Junction enables customers to securely and efficiently integrate data between cloud-based applications and any on-premise or cloud database. This provides robust reporting and analytics while offering point-and-click simplicity and extremely rapid deployment.

Relational Junction is available for purchase within the Oracle Cloud Marketplace “paid listing”. Therefore, this allows customers to deploy the application with a click. In addition, customers can bring their own license (BYOL) or choose a newly launched paid listing so that they can leverage third-party solutions and pay by the hour, or use their Oracle Universal Credits (UCM), and take advantage of a single, consolidated bill.

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