Legal Services Provider Finds Sesame Software Essential for Reporting/Analytics That Yield Actionable Business Intelligence

Santa Clara, CA, March 20, 2018 – Esquire Deposition Solutions, a nationwide leader in court reporting and other legal support services, relies on a company data warehouse for virtually every part of its business, from financials and sales, to customer retention and business planning.

While it uses one of the leading cloud-based CRM platforms for most of these business functions, Esquire found it needed more from its database and turned to Silicon Valley-based Sesame Software and its Relational Junction suite of replication, reporting and ETL tools for the solution.

“Our biggest issue is reporting,” says Esquire CIO Jim Ballowe: “With the full volume of data available through Sesame Software’s Relational Junction, we’re able to build cubes and use analytical services and deliver business intelligence and reports that are far richer.”

Using a local server and Relational Junction for data analytics also helped Esquire when it later added a second major CRM provider, enabling the company to correlate data between the two platforms. “Every aspect of the business relies on the business intelligence that comes out of the data warehouse,” Ballowe says.

Sesame Software also features a world-class support team that Ballowe says has helped quickly pinpoint any potential issues so Esquire, Sesame Software and their cloud-based CRM platform partners can work together on specific remedies.

For a look at how Relational Junction enables Esquire Deposition Solutions to get more robust reporting and generate actionable business intelligence out of their cloud-based CRM platforms, visit Sesame Software online and download the case study at

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