December 1, 2020 Sesame Software

Streamlining Data Integrations for Accelerated Reporting and Analytics

Learning how to streamline data integrations is imperative to achieving accelerated reporting and analytics for today’s businesses. But let’s admit it- the process of preparing data for reporting is anything but simple. 

Making sense of data
Modern businesses understand the importance of transforming their company’s ever-growing data into key insights, to get a clear picture of how their business is operating, identify trends, and make business-critical decisions. But collecting data from different data sources- like applications, databases, and CSV’s, and connecting that data with where it needs to go- data warehouse platforms and BI tools, for example, can be a complicated and time-consuming process! Plus, operating in today’s fast-moving and ever-changing business world means you need a system that ensures your data is up-to-the-minute, for accurate analytics. 

All of your data, all in one place
Sesame Software’s Relational Junction data management suite streamlines your data integrations for you so that you can skip straight to your business insights. Relational Junction starts by building a fully automated data warehouse that replicates a mirror image copy of all of your data from different sources. With your data centralized in one location, high volume data connectors quickly and efficiently take your data where you need it — to the BI tool of your choice for accelerated reporting and analytics.

Fresh data = Fresh insights
Relational Junction automatically synchronizes your data throughout the day, every day. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date so that you can trust that your reports are both relevant and accurate. And with Relational Junction’s rapid deployment and zero data mapping, modeling, or maintenance, you can put your resources into your insights.

Customer success story
Continental Batteries, a reliable battery distributor since 1932, turned to Sesame Software to integrate a substantial amount of NetSuite data to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), to be used with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) for critical business intelligence. 

Within just minutes, Relational Junction built a fully automated data warehouse that replicated a mirror image copy of Continental’s NetSuite data. From there, Relational Junction’s high volume data connectors enabled large volume data migration and integration from NetSuite to ADW. With Relational Junction’s rapid deployment, Continental Batteries was able to free up their time to focus on business insights. With continuous automated data synchronization, the Continental team could rely on their data being up-to-date, for accurate reporting and analytics. 

For a deeper look at how Relational Junction helped Continental Batteries achieve their data goals, read the case study here. If you would like information on how Sesame Software can help your organization, request a demo here. You can also contact the Sesame Software Team directly at (408) 550-7999.

See the Continental Batteries Case Study press release.

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