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Healthcare Data Management

Integrate all of your healthcare data into one place to deliver valuable, consistent, and scalable results.
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Data Management for Healthcare

Delivering trustworthy data that can be quickly located, accessed, understood, and shared to optimize healthcare operations at all levels.


Aggregate data from various data sources into a fully automated data warehouse for superior reporting.


Adhere to HIPAA and adapt to major regulatory reporting and compliance requirements.


Safeguard data with full backup data capabilities with a complete audit trail of all data for compliance.

Keep Up with the Changing Pace of Healthcare Operations

Sesame Software allows you to identify, unify, and protect ever-increasing volumes of highly sensitive private data from multiple sources every day.

Deliver Better Patient Care with Accelerated Insights

Centralize your data in a single and secure location to deliver faster analytics. Our tool helps improve patient outcomes, deliver quality member experiences, and streamline operational inefficiencies.

Enable Smarter Clinical and Operational Decision Making

Optimize care delivery processes and drive efficiencies. Using scalable data integration aids in significant clinical and operational decisions.

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Salesforce for Healthcare

To manage the data collected and comply with government and industry regulations, healthcare organizations rely on Sesame Software’s backup and recovery solution for Salesforce.

Our solution enables health systems professionals to accurately govern, back up, recover, and limit access to sensitive health data.


Automated Backups

Backups restart automatically if a failure is detected

Backup Retention

All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items

Zero Downtime

Easily maintain database replicas in remote locations

Achieve True Data Interoperability with Scalable Data Integration

Unite virtually all of your data from different sources and systems. Easily access, combine, and distribute data across your organization and business units, and provide your data teams with a single governed copy of data.

Gain timely access to reliable and trusted data that is crucial to enable analytics that aid in significant clinical and operational decisions.

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Get Your Data In One Place

Additionally, our data integration process allows healthcare systems to connect multiple electronic health records from many data sources into any data warehouse.

A 360-degree view of your data is attainable!

A 360-Degree View

Centralizing data creates a unified 360-degree view enables you to:

Identify potential areas of risk

Proactively manage and improve care delivery

Improve patient care

Save time and reduce costs

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We have customers of all sizes, worldwide.

Sesame Software has helped a number of customers in the healthcare services industry. You are in good company!

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