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Relational Junction drives innovation by providing a connected data environment. Thus, enabling you to connect, store, protect and analyze your data with a single platform.

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Relational Junction Data Management for Life Sciences

The Pharmaceutical industry is faced with an increasingly complex mix of on-premises, cloud infrastructures, and legacy systems that need to be united. 


Integrate data at scale to the destination of choice, creating a complete view for accurate analytics.


Deliver trusted data with a comprehensive data integration and governance strategy.


Protect yourself from data loss and fully backup data with a complete audit trail of all data for compliance.

“RJ is both powerful and simple to use. We were productive using it from day one and have not looked back. We evaluated several integration tools, and after two years with RJ, we are confident we selected the right one.”

– Biomarin

Achieve Data Breakthroughs 

Relational Junction makes your data easy to consume and put to use. Combine data from any source for reporting and analytics, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Data Integration

Provide robust data integration and metadata management capabilities to empower all data users to view, analyze, and collaborate with research, regulatory, and commercial data.

Robust Reporting

Bring all of your data to the destination of your choice with batch data processing – providing a centralized and up-to-date view of your data for accurate reporting.

Actionable Insights at Scale

Unified Views

Unite company data and create an integrated, central repository for enterprise data

Accelerated Analytics

Enable quick, easy access to analytics tools to speed research and development

Codeless Integration

Gain optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

We have customers of all sizes, worldwide.

Relational Junction has helped a number of customers in the life sciences industry. You are in good company!

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Manage Your Data, All in One Place

Centralizing disparate data into a unified 360-degree view enables you to identify potential areas of risk, proactively manage and improve patient care.

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