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Sesame Software

The importance of data integrity for energy and utility organizations is hard to overstate. For instance, infrastructures like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, blockchain, and cybersecurity are being deployed by utility companies to improve operations. In addition, smart technology and cloud computing are deployed to enhance and simplify the customer experience. These technologies generate huge amounts of data. Which tasks organizations with ensuring 
data accuracy and integrity to better understand and build trust with their customers. In turn, they can become more than just a source of power or water.

The challenge is how to make this data useful and generate actionable insights to make critical business decisions and provide optimal customer service. How can utility organizations ensure data integrity while quickly making sense of their data from multiple sources and in diverse formats, to make meaningful decisions within a rapidly changing market?

A Single Trusted Source

Sesame Software’s instant data warehouse enables organizations to easily replicate a copy of all data to one trusted source. Centralizing data from many sources and formats empowers organizations with a complete view of their data.  Automated data syncs ensure data integrity with no downtime for accurate insights. High-volume data connectors streamline integration processes to ensure data consistency, enhanced performance, and rapid insights for robust reporting and analytics. 

Streamline Processes, Reduce Costs, & Maximize ROI

Standard market data warehouse and integration tools require months of preparation, design, data mapping, and testing to complete. Not to mention, at a substantial cost. Sesame Software enables customers to save thousands of dollars on implementation fees and gain access to data at speeds unmatched by other solutions, by delivering a fully automated data warehouse in just minutes, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Benefits of Sesame Software

  • High-volume data connectors for many data sources – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Replicate data to a fully automated data warehouse – a single trusted data source for robust reporting and analytics 
  • Get up-to-date data, all in one place, for data consistency and ease of reporting
  • Access and analyze critical information quickly across organizational silos for timely business insights
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating data modeling, database design, and data mapping – just click and load
  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production – get data moving in minutes, not weeks or months

Not sure where to start?

We can help. Schedule a demo of Sesame Software today to discuss how we can help create a unified view of your data by bringing it all to one place with instant connections to on-premise or cloud enterprise applications or databases.