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Streamline processes and power a sustainable future with scalable data integration that fuels you with high quality data in minutes.

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Relational Junction Data Management for Energy & Utilities

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing world, your data needs to be high-quality,  easily accessible, and fully protected.


Integrate data at scale to the destination of choice, creating a complete view for accurate analytics.


Deliver trusted data with a comprehensive data integration and governance strategy.


Protect yourself from data loss and fully backup data with a complete audit trail of all data for compliance.

Leverage Your Data

Relational Junction enables you to reduce errors, save time, and improve operational efficiencies.

Increase Productivity

Get a complete view of your critical business data across your entire organization to drive actionable insights.

Reduce Costs

Rapid deployment shortens your time to production – get data moving in minutes, not weeks or months.

Stay In Sync

Automated data syncs ensure data integrity with no downtime for accurate insights.

“RJ is indispensable and error free. We’ve added database triggers and integrated to other databases and internal applications to tie Salesforce right into our infrastructure, and we couldn’t do it in our timeframes without RJ. RJ makes Salesforce seem like a locally installed application, and I couldn’t live without it!”

– Enernoc

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Scalable Data Integration

Relational Junction enables you to reduce errors, save time, and improve operational efficiencies.

Move data from Point A to Point B using ETL to create a full view of your customer's lifecycle

Efficiently process data from multiple sources.

Use accurate up-to-date data to identify a customer’s history and preferences.

Easy integration with current CRM and enterprise systems provide comprehensive front-to-back office automation.

Instant Data Warehouse

Relational Junction data management solution provides an instant data warehouse that enables organizations to easily replicate a copy of all data to one trusted source.

Centralize data from disparate sources and from a multitude of formats.

Creates a complete 360-degree view of you data for reporting and analytics.

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We have customers of all sizes, worldwide.

Relational Junction has helped a number of customers in the energy and utilities industry. You are in good company!

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