Sesame Software has been recognized by Oracle for bringing a “Ground-Breaking Solution” to Oracle Cloud Marketplace with the patented Relational Junction Data Management Suite. Relational Junction allows you to leverage Oracle Cloud without the imposed limitations found in other database management systems (DBMS) on schema creation, information migration, and record storage. Bypass the months-long labor-intensive build process associated with creating data pipelines, while also eliminating the need to hire a data migration company to build out the ETL and end tables.


  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production
  • Deploy on-premise, or in the cloud, to power Big Data and analytics projects
  • Replicates data to a fully automated data warehouse of your choice for backup, compliance and business intelligence
  • Support for many cloud and on-premise applications and databases
  • Incremental, near real-time replication for maximum scalability
  • Low total cost of ownership by maximizing engineering team’s productivity
  • No data modeling is necessary

Want to learn more now? You can find Relational Junction on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or reach out to our Sesame Team to request a demo.

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