Prominent multi-brand merchant and manufacturer needed a robust, cloud-based data solution to extract, store, and integrate NetSuite business data.


Clickstop owns and operates a suite of online retail stores that serve a diverse set of consumers from the cargo control industry to eco-friendly builders/renovators.




Urbana, IA

Use Case:

Multi-brand merchant needs cloud-based solution for Netsuite business data.

Data Sources:

NetSuite, Oracle ADW, Oracle OAC

“Relational Junction has been a fantastic tool to work with. The NetSuite integration was set up in under an hour. The process has been very easy to understand and we feel confident that the low maintenance of this service will save us time, money, and resources.”

– Logan O’Neal, Developer


For years, the Clickstop team had been looking for the right solution to fulfill their specific data needs. They needed to move their NetSuite data to Oracle ADW, and from there, apply Oracle Analytics Cloud for advanced reporting and analytics. The Clickstop team wanted a solution that provided ease-of-use to maximize the efforts of their small team but robust enough to handle a large amount of enterprise data. The team also wanted flexibility to scale and utilize other data connector options in the future, such as Shopify and Quickbooks, for further upcoming data projects.

“We needed a solution that could integrate with NetSuite, was cloud-based to cut back on the need for an on-prem server due to the time it takes for upkeep, and a service that could quickly deploy in order to get our team back to development rather than focusing on the monitoring and management of our current infrastructure,” – Logan O’Neal, Developer


Clickstop turned to Sesame Software’s Relational Junction enterprise data management suite to fulfill their data needs. With Relational Junction’s rapid implementation, Clickstop set up their NetSuite integration in less than an hour. Clickstop was impressed with how seamlessly Relational Junction handled their NetSuite extraction and integration processes that historically had been very difficult and required a lot of attention. With their data aggregated in ADW, Clickstop could easily apply Oracle Analytics Cloud to their solution stack and focus on their critical business intelligence.

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  • Relational Junction’s Instant Data Warehouse Builder efficiently replicates, synchronizes, and stores Clickstop’s enterprise data
  • Clickstop benefits from seamless NetSuite extraction and integration
  • Relational Junction’s high-volume data connectors and multitude of data source options enable Clickstop to scale their  data needs
  • Relational Junction enables intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing in near real-time
  • Relational Junction’s click-and-load ease of use lowers Clickstop’s total cost of ownership- no data modeling, mapping, or maintenance required
  • Rapid deployment shortens time to production – Clickstop’s data was moving in minutes, not weeks or months!

About Clickstop

Based in Urbana, Iowa, and founded in 2005, Clickstop is a multi-brand merchant and manufacturer. Clickstop serves diverse markets, including the moving and cargo control industry, energy-efficient insulation products, and home organizing solutions.

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Clickstop owns and operates a suite of online retail stores that serve a diverse set of consumers from the cargo control industry to eco-friendly builders/renovators.