Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

Fully Compliant Backup and Recovery Solution for Salesforce

Defend yourself from almost any data loss scenario with Relational Junction’s backup and recovery solution for Salesforce. Relational Junction provides comprehensive Salesforce data backup and recovery that minimizes data loss, supports regulatory compliance, and builds business resiliency.

Relational Junction allows you to easily backup and recover all of your data, including Salesforce Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Attachments, Accounts, custom objects, metadata, etc. – subject to Salesforce rules.

Protect your Salesforce data with continuous daily backups and fast point-in-time recovery

Restore your data, including metadata, at any scale and level of granularity from the time of first RJ history use

Why Backup Salesforce? has recently announced that “effective July 31, 2020, Data Recovery as a paid feature will be deprecated and no longer available as a service.”

Salesforce recommends having your own local backup so that you can recover it instead of relying on their recovery process, which is resource and time-consuming. In addition, relying on their backup might not be fully compliant with industry standards.

Relying on Salesforce to Recover Your Data?


  • Salesforce Data Recovery Service costs a minimum of $10,000 USD per recovery
  • Their data recovery process doesn’t include metadata, it only holds customer data
  • Recovery completed by manually importing data back into Salesforce can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete
  • Data deleted more than 90 days ago is not recoverable, as it will be hard deleted unless a third-party backup system is used

Turnkey Data Protection Solution for Salesforce to Recover From Any Data Loss

Recovery solutions typically provide you with text files of your data, making the actual recovery process your problem to solve. This method is time consuming and does not ensure business continuity or the ability to perform a full recovery of all data, as well as limits the frequency of recovery.

With Relational Junction, your data is backed up throughout the day and is always available for fast point-in-time, granular restoration whenever needed. We will perform an incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record at time of synchronization.


  • Complete Salesforce data recovery including metadata, attachments, related records, etc. – subject to Salesforce rules
  • Recover any level of data at the org, record, and field levels
  • Recover deleted records and fields to any point in time, no matter when it was lost, changed, or corrupted
  • Assistance for data recovery included 24x7x365


  • Replication speeds exceeding 100,000 records per minute
  • Significantly faster than the Bulk API
  • Capable of handling up to 2,000 records per API call
  • Multi-threaded technology for fastest possible backup and recovery


  • Handles parent-child and recursive relationships
  • Single or multi-record recovery


  • Rapid recovery of data, regardless of scale and granularity
  • Backups restart automatically in the event of a failure
  • Can handle over 150 million records in a single object


  • Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records
  • Does not need to have multiple snapshot versions to restore to any point in historical time
  • Data stored in secure relational database, not flat files
  • All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items
  • Incremental backup, not a snapshot-oriented full backup


  • Modern web user interface available with dashboards
  • Permission-based for all functionality

Salesforce Data Loss Can Happen To You...

There are measures you can take to prevent the unthinkable from happening – the unthinkable being your lost, damaged or deleted data. Here are a few instances in which cloud data can become lost data:

  • User Error
  • Malicious end-user activity
  • Accidental deletion
  • Misuse of vendor tools
  • Natural disaster
  • Third-party integrations
  • Viruses or ransomware

Sesame Software has been awarded multiple patents on its data protection technology, including patent 10,540,237 for point-in-time recovery of cloud or database data and records in whole or in part. The combined patent portfolio enables Sesame to provide a unique technology that also enables Business Intelligence on the same any relational database as the backup repository.

Protect Your Business-Critical Data with Salesforce Backup and Recovery!