Sesame Software has been recognized as one of the best performing Salesforce solution providers in 2020 by The Enterprise World Magazine, a business publication for entrepreneurs and business leaders. In it’s latest IT edition, the magazine chronicles Sesame’s extensive history and maps its growth as a Salesforce data management innovator. Enterprise World notes Sesame Software as a leader in providing immediate value to organizations who rely on timely access to their Salesforce data for reporting, analytics, backup and recovery, with its Relational Junction suite of data management solutions.

Relational Junction provides data replication, instant data warehousing and  data integration for Salesforce and many other data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud. With point-in-time recovery, Relational Junction enables you to easily backup and recover your Salesforce data- a critical feature now that Salesforce has officially retired their native data recovery service. 

Relational Junction for Salesforce

All of your data, all in one place
Replicate data to a fully automated data warehouse for robust reporting and analytics 

Integrate everything
High volume data connectors for Salesforce, as well as other applications and databases – on-premise or in the cloud

Access and analyze- fast!
Get critical information quickly across organizational silos for timely business insights

Protect your Salesforce data
Easily backup and recover Salesforce data, including metadata – recover any fields, records, or deleted records, with point-in-time recovery

Lower costs
Eliminate consultants, data modeling, database design, and data mapping – just click and load!

Shorten time to production
Rapid deployment gets data moving in minutes, not weeks or months! 

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