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Our intuititve data pipelines builder empowers you to create and manage efficient data flows, without the need for coding expertise.

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Visual Pipeline Designer

Drag-and-drop interface makes building data pipelines a breeze. Connect data sources, transformations, and destinations using a library of pre-built connectors.

Built-in Transformations

Cleanse, filter, and enrich your data on the fly with pre-built transformations within the pipeline builder. No need for separate coding tools!

Advanced Orchestration

Schedule complex workflows with branching logic and conditional execution, ensuring your data pipelines adapt to your specific needs.

Create Custom Functions

Create custom logic tailored to your specific needs.  Our comprehensive out-of-the-box functions provide a solid foundation, while our platform allows you to develop and integrate your own custom functions. Utilize the power of cloud functions to further enhance your pipelines.

How We Make Data Pipelines Effortless

A simple bar chart symbolizing easy to read data.

Build Scalable Pipelines, Your Way

Scale data pipelines effortlessly with Sesame Software. Handle surges & throttle back as needed. Build custom logic with our library or your own functions. Unleash the power of cloud functions for unbeatable pipelines.

Why Choose Sesame Software Data Pipeline?

Composable Services

Build complex workflows from simple functions.

Compute as a Service

Cost-effective on-demand scaling without managing servers (e.g., AWS Lambda).

Horizontal Scaling

Easily handle more data by adding more machines.

Distributed Computing

Spread tasks efficiently across multiple machines for faster results.

Pluggable Functions

Integrate custom functions for your needs.

Flexibility and Reusability

Adapt to new needs and reuse existing components for accelerated development.

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