Relational Junction releases support for SAP HANA, allowing SAP customers to create instant data warehouses from all of SAP’s supported database platforms.

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction now supports SAP HANA databases. As a matter of fact, this enables the creation and ongoing replication to an instant data warehouse for SAP Applications on Oracle, SQL Server, and now SAP’s own HANA database.

What is SAP HANA?

HANA is SAP’s own in-memory relational database system. It is designed for both transactional and reporting uses and is the platform of choice for SAP customers to host the SAP application on a Cloud platform.

The Move to Purpose-Built Data Warehouse Platforms

Companies are turning to fast reporting database platforms such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Snowflake, Greenplum, and Vertica for their reporting needs. This gives users the ability to develop reports without impacting the performance of production transactional databases. These databases are also much faster to read than a conventional transactional database.

Relational Junction Data Connectors

Relational Junction Data Connectors enable rapid connection to 100+ databases, exotic file systems, and SaaS applications. Additionally, this universal data access ability allows customers to consolidate all their corporate data onto a single reporting platform, enabling a 360-degree view of all their business operations.

Having the ability to join schemas to traverse business processes gives companies the “lead to cash” reporting. This type of reporting is so valuable in assessing business performance. This has tremendous value in planning a company’s future, whether the data points to areas needing more investment or operations that are not generating ROI.

High-Volume Data Movement in Minutes

Relational Junction’s Data Warehouse Builder and high-volume data connector for SAP HANA streamlines integration processes with a single trusted source to ensure data consistency, enhanced performance, and rapid insights. With patented scalability and multithreaded technology, you can create an on-premise or cloud data warehouse that is a mirror of your SAP HANA data in just minutes. Also, Relational Junction doesn’t just shorten the project to build a warehouse — THERE IS NO PROJECT. Just turn it on, configure the login information, and your warehouse is built and loaded.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Data Warehouses enabling rapid connection to SAP Applications (e.g. SAP HANA) and other data sources
  • Replicates data to a fully automated data warehouse for backup, compliance and business intelligence
  • Instant deployment: on-premise or in any Cloud platform to power Big Data and analytics projects
  • Reduce wait time for data handling and enable intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing in near real time
  • Supports nearly any relational database as a warehouse, including Cloud and columnar platforms
  • Advanced auto discovery for schema changes and additions
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating data modeling, database design, and data mapping – click and load

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