Organizations faced with generating actionable business intelligence from CRM and other data sources now have a secure and streamlined end-to-end solution thanks to the teaming up of Sesame Software Relational Junction Warehouse Builder and data platform provider Looker.

Looker’s LookML modeling language is an approachable solution that lets data teams define the relationships in their database so users can explore, save, and generate business intelligence without needing to know the SQL query language.

Relational Junction Warehouse Builder can remove the barriers to getting data from a cloud-based CRM platform and combining it with other information streams, including EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems), in a local SQL server so LookML can then be used for modeling analysis and robust report generation.

“The combination of Looker and Relational Junction can be rapidly deployed and quickly bring value to any data-driven organization,” says Sesame Software founder/CEO Rick Banister. “Data is the currency of business, so any company with large volumes of data that is looking to generate real business intelligence needs Relational Junction Warehouse Builder to simplify accessing and moving that information.”

Relational Junction also boasts tools for robust data recovery, with all relationships and rows intact, and is backed by a world-class support team with decades of experience in data replication, integration, and CRM.

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