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Sesame Software Breaks Speed and Reliability Limits with Innovative Architecture

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Sesame Software has been issued United States Patent 10,003,634 today in its quest to improve throughput and reliability of its Data Warehouse Builder. Customers are now able to load hundreds of millions of records from Cloud applications to their data warehouses using a three-tiered multi-threaded technique.

Sesame Software stores the record identifiers that meet a specified time range in multiple files, fires up hundreds of parallel readers to read the content into memory using the identifiers in the files, and writes the records in memory into a database in parallel. The scalability and performance of this technique allows massive amounts of data to be loaded 100 times faster than the original single-threaded architecture. The load is also fully restartable in the event of a failure without having to reprocess any records, and ensures that no records are skipped.

The speed and efficiency of downloading records is increased through use of multi-core computing systems. In one customer’s testing, 260 million records were loaded from a major Cloud CRM in 22 hours — 3200 records per second. Sesame Software’s smallest and largest customers benefit from the same blazing performance.

Sesame Software’s patent portfolio continues to increase, with six issued patents and four more slated for approval this summer. Sesame Software has continuously evolved the performance, reliability, and automation of its Data Warehouse Builder product since the original release in 2004.

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