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Sesame Software’s latest update speeds up your time to insights with replication, integration, and compliant backups for your Salesforce Cloud data.

Salesforce champions, rejoice! Sesame Software just released a game-changing update designed to revolutionize your data management experience. Get ready for lightning-fast transfers, streamlined workflows, and a deeper connection with improved Salesforce backup and recovery. Buckle up, and let’s dive into the details on protecting your data in the world’s #1 CRM.

Effortless Deployment, Anywhere You Need It

Sesame Software’s update offers flexible deployment options, fitting seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or even within a Docker container – the choice is yours! Plus, full compatibility with Java 17 ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Automation is Your Data Management BFF

Tired of the manual grind? Sesame Software’s built-in scheduling tool takes the reins. Set your data tasks on autopilot, freeing you up to focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue and growth. Remember, frequent backups are crucial – experts suggest enterprise businesses aim for a maximum recovery window of 15 minutes.

Fort Knox-Level Data Protection for your Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Data security is our top priority. Breathe easy with Sesame Software’s robust features:

  • Record Restoration: Accidentally deleted data? No sweat! Restore it with ease.
  • Automatic Schema Management: Keep your databases in perfect sync, automatically.
  • Data Masking: Navigate GDPR compliance with confidence.
  • SAML Authentication: Rest assured, only authorized users get access.

Keep Your Salesforce Setup Healthy

This update goes beyond data movement and security for Salesforce backup and recovery. It also streamlines metadata management, allowing for effortless export, comparison, and restoration. Easily track changes and selectively restore specific components if needed. This granular control empowers you to maintain a stable and optimized Salesforce environment.

We Speak Salesforce Fluently

Sesame Software understands your needs, especially for backup and recovery. This update is in direct response to our Salesforce users! Our next stop on the Sesame Software roadmap is sandbox seeding. Seeding your sandbox with test data will soon be a breeze, with a complete history of all your data changes readily available. Plus, upcoming features will offer customizable data access controls, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Important Note: While full copy sandboxes are excellent for testing purposes, they aren’t designed for full Salesforce backup and recovery or data backups.

Take Full Control of your Salesforce Backup and Recovery

With our added features and ongoing commitment to ease-of-use, we aim to give you even more control over your data. Define custom keys, track changes with custom date columns, and as previously mentioned, we’re now able to back up your precious metadata. And for those of you using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sesame Software now backs up this critical data as well.

The Takeaway

Sesame Software’s update unlocks the full potential of your Salesforce data. Experience faster transfers, smoother workflows, and deeper integration. And remember, even the best Salesforce heroes make mistakes. Sesame Software’s backup and recovery features ensure you can recover quickly and get back on track with minimal downtime.

Still Trying To Figure Out Where To Start?

We can help. Schedule a demo of Sesame Software today to discuss how we can help create a unified view of your data by bringing it all to one place with instant connections to on-premise or cloud enterprise applications or databases.