Sesame Software’s Relational Junction Data Management Suite provides an instant data warehouse for Microsoft Azure. So, organizations looking to integrate data from Microsoft Azure and other data sources have a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution with Relational Junction. Customers gain real-time access to timely and trusted data to support both analytical and operational data warehousing and integration initiatives.

About Relational Junction 

Relational Junction’s patented scalability and multithreaded technology speeds up time to production by providing an instant data warehouse in minutes. Additionally, Relational Junction enables secure and efficient data integration between cloud and on-premise databases, ERP/CRM systems, and custom applications for robust reporting and analytics.

By integrating data from external and internal sources with Relational Junction, organizations are provided with a database that gives real-time 360-degree access to their most important data to streamline operations, drive revenue growth, facilitate sales, and improve customer relationships.

Key Benefits of an Instant Data Warehouse

  • Rapid deployment shortens your time to production
  • Deploy on-premise or with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performance compute, storage, and database services to power Big Data and analytics projects
  • Covers all data integration requirements from high-volume batch loads to trickle-feed integration processes
  • Replicates data to an instant data warehouse for compliance and business intelligence
  • Uses flexible hub-centric integration model for efficient data flow
  • Connects to 100+ data sources, including databases, flat files, XML, and API-based applications
  • Supports nearly any relational database as a warehouse, including Cloud and columnar platforms
  • Standards-based SQL interface for any level of integration
  • Advanced auto discovery for schema changes and additions
  • No data modeling necessary
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by maximizing designer productivity


Users of Relational Junction can eliminate siloed analytics and reporting within their applications, and combine data from hundreds of sources, including Microsoft Azure, Oracle applications, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Snowflake. Also, deployment options include on-premise Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Amazon AWS, or any private hosted service.

Where to Purchase

Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers click-to-deploy solutions for Oracle in addition to certified and optimized partner solutions such as Sesame Software’s Relational Junction. Also, you can now buy Relational Junction directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or contact Sesame Software directly.

Additionally, Oracle has recognized Sesame Software for bringing “ground-breaking” solutions to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to support critical data management and analytics use cases. Furthermore, Relational Junction was highlighted as one of the key innovative solutions that integrate well with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performing compute, storage, and database services to power Big Data and analytics projects. Read the blog.