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AAPT Success Story


“The implementation of single customer view solved a number of reporting/analytics/commissions/portfolio issues – it simplified our processes.”

Previously Siloed Platforms

Use Case

Australian telecommunications company, AAPT, was seeking a solution to protect, manage and integrate their in-house data for business critical customer analysis and single view reporting. With sales offices spread across Australia, efficiency of analysis and reporting is important to corporate operations. Once accomplished, the second step was to integrate their sales/CRM system, Salesforce, with their service assurance system.

The Challenge

AAPT had many web integrations in place, but the company had no integrations for their Salesforce SFA data and their custom CRM data, Clarify. The team needed a single customer view across these two systems for sales and customer service. The team had a need for a consistent, integrated view of their customers, as well as reduce manual process of annual reviews and evaluations.

The Solution

The AAPT IT team selected Sesame Software to provide complete data integration for a comprehensive single customer view to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Data Warehouse

Sesame Software replicated their Salesforce data to an in-house Sybase data warehouse. This provided the foundation for AAPT to have a single customer view of all the customers’ data across Salesforce and three separate billing systems to pay commissions, report and do analytics.

Data Integration

Complete data integration for a comprehensive single customer view was completed quickly and efficiently. Using Sesame Software, AAPT successfully integrated all of their customer information across departmental databases providing the sales and services teams with a common view of each customer. AAPT evaluated other data integration solutions but none could provide the requisite functionality at a cost-effective price. Sales and service have complete visibility of the customers, contact information, products and issues. Customers can see their data, modify contact information, and order products.

The Results

Sesame Software has helped AAPT improve business processes, increase employee productivity, and reduce operating costs.


Before we implemented (Sesame Software), our annual customer review was extremely manual, iterative and painful. Now…we have reduced the time from 3 months down to 1 month – it is no longer a dreaded process! The implementation of single customer view solved a number of reporting / analytics / commissions / portfolio issues – it simplified our processes.

Alex Youroukelis

Senior Systems Analyst, AAPT

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