Relational Junction includes products for both ETL and data replication. Gartner calls this a “hub-centric” approach to integration that gets data down from the cloud into an on-premise database, where it is easy to use for integration and reporting. Point-to-point integration among Cloud and database data sources is fragile, requires many technical skill sets in one integration developer, and is not scalable for large volumes of Cloud data. Relational Junction solves these problems by using Data Replication for Cloud data and flexible ETL for on-premise or Cloud data.

  • Relational Junction ETL Manager handles databases, flat files, XML, and a large variety of data sources. Anything with a JDBC driver can be accessed using an interface familiar to any SQL programmer.
  • The SQL interface allows database developers to manage data mappings and transformation without having to drill-down multiple levels.
  • Integration developers can learn the product in less than an hour. No off-site training required.
  • Extensibility is assured with user-written plug-in capability.
  • Incremental capability eliminates having to truncate and entirely rebuild database tables.