Announcing Sesame Software's Beta Program for Relational Junction new product releases. Please feel free to sign up for announcements of specific release date estimates and features in each new release.

The beta program's current candidates are listed below.

  • Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder. This product has its roots in Relational Junction for Salesforce, which builds a data warehouse of your data in an on-premise relational database. Bi-directional replication provides the capabilities of loading data to Salesforce and recovering data from historical versioned backups to any point in time. We are extending the data warehouse capabilities to nearly ninety new data sources, including traditional relational databases, many cloud application vendor products, and non-relational data sources. The first release will add warehouse builder capabilities to relational databases. Future releases will include Big Data warehouses as the target. Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder will automate the creation of the target data warehouse schema and auto-discovery of new fields and tables or objects in the source system.