Is your SaaS CRM Backup Solution Setting You Up for Disaster?

In today’s business, everyone has learned the value of having a CRM solution. Whether it is on-premise or in the cloud, we keep this “single source of the truth” as a keystone to the health of our companies. It is the lifeblood of any sales organization and has grown to become critically important to marketing, finance, and every other arm of our businesses. But, what happens when there is a catastrophic event and this critical business data becomes corrupted, is accidentally or maliciously deleted, modified, or is just gone?

The answer is more than just having a good backup solution. A reliable backup is only half of the equation. You need to be able to recover and restore this data as well, keeping business continuity. Some SaaS based CRM disaster recovery and backup solutions will tell you that just having a .CSV of your data is enough to protect you. Ask yourself; how long would it take to recover my CRM if all my data was in a .CSV file? With all the linkages between records, objects, attachments and artifacts gone forever, the answer may surprise you.

On average, failed recovery processes can require hundreds of man hours and have a significant emergency cost. All the while, the critical data you depend on to run your business, forecast your sales, and the contacts your salespeople both rely and depend on are not available. When was the last time you simulated a disaster and tried to recover all your CRM data using your current disaster recovery solution? Don’t wait until you need to recover your data before you evaluate your ability to recover it.

The largest CRM vendor,, says:

“Although Salesforce does maintain back up data and can recover it, it’s important to regularly backup your data locally so that you have the ability restore it to avoid relying on Salesforce backups to recover your data. The recovery process required is time and resource consuming and typically involves an additional fee. To avoid recovery fees and be able to recover your data whenever needed, use the following backup and recovery methods.”  – KB Article 000004037

These preferred backup and recovery methods only allow you to export a .CSV flat file of your data. This does not allow you to restore data into Salesforce without significant manual effort to recreate the environment you previously had. In addition, this can become an all or nothing exercise. What if you only needed a specific subset of your data or just some specific records or fields restored?

“Salesforce Support doesn’t offer a comprehensive data restoration service. The backup and recovery process is intended to provide CSV files which administrators will need to use with available import tools. Alternatively, you can contact your Account Executive to discuss engaging Professional Services to reload the data on your behalf for an additional fee.” –  KB Article 000004037

Salesforce does a great job of making sure they backup every user’s data. But, their backup solution is designed for all customers en masse. All of their multiple data centers, redundant Oracle instances and hot failover is designed to keep their SaaS application working at optimum performance, not to restore your data on demand.

Even if you did just rely on Salesforce to backup your most sensitive data:

“You can generate backup files manually once every 7 days (for weekly export) or 29 days (for monthly export). In Professional Edition and Developer Edition, you can generate backup files only every 29 days. You can schedule backup files to generate automatically at weekly or monthly intervals (only monthly intervals are available in Professional Edition and Developer Edition).” –

For almost every company this level of backup is not an effective disaster recovery plan.

Some 3rd party industry solutions spend their time trying to convince you that relying on an internal or external recovery process which can leave your business crippled is the only option available. At Sesame Software we, along with our hundreds of production customers worldwide, do not agree. Don’t settle for a disaster recovery solution for your CRM that does not meet your business needs today or tomorrow. For optimal business continuity and compliance it is imperative that your business has the capability to:

  • Fully backup, recover or restore any data, including parent-child relationships and the handling of large datasets, on demand
  • Backup data in near-real time, all the time, not just a couple of times a day
  • Prevent accidental deletion by malicious, careless, or overzealous employees, or rogue automation
  • Provide absolute accountability or chain of evidence for deleted records
  • Provide data compliance with industry mandates such as Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank, HIPAA, SEC Rule 17A, European Data Protection, and others

If your current solution is not providing you with everything you need, Sesame Software has you covered. With solutions for Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and other leading CRM’s, Sesame Software’s Relational Junction Solution gives you the power to meet all of your business continuity and compliance needs:

  • Backup your entire CRM to a relational database in real-time which can maintain all the linkages between included and custom objects, fields, long text and attachments including long data sets
  • Restore any lost or corrupted data to any point in time with all relationships intact with a single click as often as needed
  • Restore on demand including new custom objects without intervention in near-real time
  • Include bi-directional replication of all CRM data
  • Have a full audit trail including tracking change history for all records including deleted and undeleted
  • Provide no physical deletes for any backed-up records for as long as you want to store them
  • Utilize your backup for BI reporting or data integration
  • Have 24x7x365 U.S. based phone support included

Sesame Software can help you discover the gaps in your existing recovery and restoration solution and show you how we compare. We will work with your team to insure you can minimize your risk of data loss, demonstrate recovering and restoring live data, and exceed all of your compliance standards. Don’t wait until you need to recover your data to realize the limitations of your current solution. Get in touch with us today!

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