Relational Junction for Salesforce builds a Sales reporting data warehouse of the relevant Salesforce sales data while Relational Junction for Pardot builds a Marketing reporting data warehouse of your Pardot data. 

Use existing Salesforce and Pardot data to:

  • Determine upcoming budget now
  • Discover actionable analytics for your organization
  • Plan campaigns & analyze budget
  • Manage sales and marketing resources
  • Combine data for use in your existing business intelligence (BI) applications

Leverage your existing data to analyze
your marketing budget, sales pipeline, and ROI.

Department budget analysis
Where did you spend your marketing dollars this year? Relational Junction provides patent-pending technology that enables deep and flexible analysis of your campaign budget data.

Campaign ROI
How effective was that last trade show? Relational Junction easily combines your campaign data from Pardot with the campaign and sales data from Salesforce to give your team an accurate assessment of campaign effectiveness.

Touchpoint to sales conversion metrics
Each marketing activity generates a wealth of leads, but which lead sources and campaigns resulted in actual conversions and sales? Relational Junction leverages your marketing and sales data in Pardot and Salesforce to give you a data warehouse for reporting and analytics.

Opportunity generation by lead source or campaign
How many opportunities did the campaign generate for sales? Relational Junction provides greater insights into the number of leads, opportunities generated, potential revenue, and actual revenue.

Organization effectiveness 
Is my team utilizing all the resources available to them? Knowing which touchpoints lead to sales also helps guide organization activities. For example, Relational Junction may show that following a trade show, calling customers is more effective than a continued email campaign.

Revenue generation by lead source or campaign 
How much revenue is directly attributed to the lead source or campaign? Relational Junction provides multiple levels of data analysis to provide the information you need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and lead generation sources.

Marketing campaign effectiveness 
Did your organization reach the audience you intended to reach? With so many campaign channels available, how do you know which one to continue using? Relational Junction provides insights into your Pardot data to view marketing metrics. Relational Junction also provides a complete view of the pipeline to both audience reach and conversion from prospect to lead to opportunity to revenue.


Boosting Organizational Performance
with an On-Premise Sales & Marketing Data Warehouse

Organizations that use Salesforce and Pardot can now recreate that cloud database on an in-house server, so that large sets of data can be accessed and analyzed using a variety of Business Intelligence and Analytics tools. This enables marketers and sales executives to work side by side to determine exactly which messaging, campaigns, and media are providing the best ROI.

Relational Junction can build an organization’s entire Pardot data warehouse with one command, do a full load, and then incrementally copy new and changed data to the warehouse. Relational Junction is easy for any IT department or end user to implement. The entire setup takes minutes and can be done by non-technical people.

Integrate with Sales data for full life cycle reporting of Prospects to Leads to Opportunities with Relational Junction for Salesforce warehouse

Building Scalability Into Marketing Data

Most companies currently using Pardot will likely see their data needs for both marketing and sales grow exponentially in the coming years. Relational Junction will replicate unlimited amounts of Pardot and Salesforce into your data warehouse. Having an inexpensive on-premise server not only allows for faster reports, but also provides organizations with additional piece of mind that they’ll always have a recoverable back-up of their cloud data.

Improve performance and start using your data to its full potential